Hip-Hop: 20 Minutes to Logan

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Boston bubbles with energy, and there’s great music being dropped around every corner. A couple twists and turns lead us to Jackie Jones’ latest project, 20 Minutes to Logan. Jones’ hunger is apparent in his voice throughout all seven songs. His flows range well, the lyrics embody his theme and the sounds chosen support him without any turbulence.

The intro, “First Class,” lays the foundation for the project and its theme. He raps about enjoying the fruits of his grind as he travels toward the next step to success in, you guessed it, first class seating. It’s very reflective with lines like “This is a business, man, friends is last on my mind.”

After this one we land on “Way Up” with the only features of the project, Boston’s Kadeem and Darius Heywood from Brockton, Massachusetts. All three artists properly work the ambitious beat as the horns on the chorus keep them on their toes. The vibes from this one make it a standout every single listen.

The rest of the project is full of even more clever and descriptive raps about where his dream could take him. The sounds up until the final song, “LAX,” create the feeling of descending to our destination until we touch down with justified applause.

Jackie Jones excels at showcasing his talents on this one, and the energy presented through the music is impressive. He cares about his raps and makes great sounding songs.

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