A Work of Art

00156YCGRAPFRUIT12oz_LR.pdf 00133YCBLRASPBRY12oz_LR.pdfYou can drink it, you can mix it and now you can display it. Just in time for holiday parties, Yacht Club Bottling Works is rolling out bottles of the corn syrup-free good stuff, graced with labels covered in art by local painter Mike Bryce (facebook.com/Mikebryceart). Each flavor will carry a unique piece of Bryce’s art. The seltzers will display historic images and the sodas will have ocean scenes. And the newest addition to the Yacht Club family, Rhody Red, has the Misquamicut Festival on its label. Rhody Red’s flavor is reminiscent of Dr. something. Feelgood? Zhivago? Livingstone? No matter. The important thing is that it’s the first caffeinated Yacht Club soda. That’ll get you through an evening with your teetotaling in-laws! It’s practically guaranteed.  

00126YCSPRKWATER12oz_LR.pdf 00124YCROOTBEER12oz_LR.pdf

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