Album Of The Week: Izzy True’s Nope

a3175656602_10Everyone likes to talk up the music coming out of New York City, and you can’t really blame them — The Big Apple has been a haven for musical excellence for over 50 years and that won’t be changing anytime soon. But what about upstate New York? Once in a while a band will come out of there and start to impress. Ithaca’s Izzy True and their debut album Nope is doing just that with a rigid, yet laid-back sound. At some points the band’s music is relaxing while at other times it’s raw and emphatic.

Isabel Reidy leads the band with songwriting that conveys a message of rolling with the punches while dealing with your inner self. It gives a genuine aesthetic that shows Reidy’s heart on her sleeve with the rest of the band, consisting of Angela DeVivo, Jon Samuels and her brother Silas, providing pristine rhythms. There are bits of garage rock, psychedelic, surf and vintage pop creating a groovy sound. The laid-back vibe of the entire album is what makes it unique. It gives it a distinct quality that you don’t find in a lot of records coming out today.

Usually when an artist is dealing with their own demons, they put out their best work. It’s perhaps due to the real emotion behind it without the plastic garbage that you‘ll sometimes find in contemporary music. Lyrically, listeners can tell that performing their own songs is a cathartic experience for Reidy. It’s unapologetic and fearless. For further examination into the deeper meaning of Nope, check out my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week:

An excellent example of Izzy True’s subtle grooves is in “Total Body Erasure;” the guitars jump out with their simple and driving riffs. The drums are also extremely present in the lead-up to the chorus. “Gwam Gwam Gwam” has a little bit of surf going on while a few riffs are hard-hitting with a thud. Every time Reidy sings, it gets soft and slow with the rest of the band jumping in at different increments. With a steady beat, “Which Wish” is another groovy track with sliding tones and pleasant rhythms.

Izzy True are heading through New England with shows at Aurora in Providence on August 24, The Firehouse in Worcester on August 25 and O’Brien’s Pub on August 26. Those are three chances to see a pretty cool up-and-coming band, so you shouldn’t miss out. It’ll be interesting to see if Reidy and the rest of their band are as good live as the band’s debut album is. While you’re at either one of the upcoming shows grab a copy of Nope. After a while of listening, your ears will make you want to say “Yes.”

Stream Izzy True’s Nope on Bandcamp:

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