Album Of The Week: Minus The Bear’s Voids

Voids Album ArtSince their 2001 start, Seattle act Minus The Bear have had a genre that’s difficult to pin down. Their sound can range from purely electronic dance-pop to technical progressive rock and everything in between. They’ve always managed to separate themselves from the rest both sonically and artistically. With their sixth album, Voids, Minus The Bear show how consistent they’ve been for the past 16 years. It has an edge to complement a sharpness that can cut a diamond.

Voids is the band’s first album without long-time drummer Erin Tate, and there’s a slight difference in structure. Kiefer Matthias does serve as a quality anchor on drums behind bassist Cory Murchy and Alex Rose on keys and saxophone. Dave Knudson puts out some of his best guitar work on this record by bringing a spectacular assortment of solos and riffs. Jake Snider has a unique voice that has never changed, and that’s what makes him a great frontman. His poetic lyrics fuel his individual style.

A lot has changed in music in the past decade and a half. Technology has progressed, and there’s more of an audience for unknown and unsigned bands thanks to the former. Minus The Bear have been through multiple eras and the fluctuation of people’s tastes, and yet they haven’t imploded. That says a lot in a time where bands can either last five years or five months. Let’s take a look at my top tracks from the Album Of The Week:

With a dance-pop essence comes “Give & Take;” Rose glistens the track with his synthy skills while the chorus has Murchy and Matthias taking over on bass and drums. It’s a romantic song that describes a one-sided relationship. “Tame Beasts” is a great example of the album’s edgy tone. There’s a flurry of rhythms while Knudson’s guitar electrifies everything from start to finish. Shredding from end to end is “Robotic Heart.”

On March 26, Minus The Bear will take the stage at the Royale in Boston with Philadelphia punks Beach Slang and Austin electronic act Bayonne. It promises to be an interesting night of music, and Minus The Bear promises to put on a hell of a live experience so don’t miss out. While you’re at the show, grab a copy of . It’s a sonic remedy for your ears.

Stream Minus The Bear’s Voids via Bandcamp:; Minus The Bear’s Website:


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