Album Of The Week: The History Of Apple Pie’s Feel Something

appleThey say that you should never judge a book by its cover and the same should be said concerning a band’s name. What a group of musicians call themselves can either signify what they represent, what their music is about or maybe it’s just a cool name. An act from London with one of the most unique names ever — The History Of Apple Pie — has their sophomore release with Feel Something currently available and it’s great shoegaze indie pop. The guitars tickle the senses with rigid tones, the drums are beautiful with simplicity and the vocals from Stephanie Min are the icing on the rhythmic cake. With an interesting name that sparks your sweet tooth, The History Of Apple Pie’s new album is truly delicious for your ears.

A solid attempt to describe the quintet’s sound is to imagine My Bloody Valentine and The Cardigans having a crazy orgy and out came The History Of Apple Pie. They first caught my eye with their debut album Out Of View that came out in January of last year and it’s hard for me to overlook a band with a name you don’t see every day. Much like their first release, Feel Something is very guitar-driven, with everything else giving it a velvety ganache of beats & rhythms. It’s lovely music from a band across the pond that are bound to blow up worldwide if they keep heading down the same path.

Pumpkin spice everything can be very redundant this time of year. People get so excited about it even though you can go to your local supermarket and buy the flavoring any time of the year. Maybe it’s because there is nothing like the real thing, but what do I know? What I do know is that it’s time for the top tracks off of my Album Of The Week. It might not be as festive as a autumn leaf-covered pumpkin patch, but it’ll definitely put you in the mood to celebrate:

There’s a lot of groove with “Ordinary Boy,” the guitars light it up from the get go and don’t stop until the very end. The drums add a nice touch by making it something you can dance to. The numerous solos in “Special Girl” is one of my favorite parts of the album with fantastic distortion all over the place that will leave you amazed. A similar distorted experience in the last track of “Just Like This” also shows a Britpop essence in the breakdowns.

The History Of Apple Pie are currently in the middle of touring The United Kingdom in support of Feel Something where they’ll be in Manchester at Gulliver’s on October 6. If you happen to be in the area go check them out. Hopefully they’ll come stateside and play in the New England area sometime soon. Until they come to your friendly neighborhood music venue, get yourself a copy of The History Of Apple Pie’s Feel Something. It’s a taste of what’s happening in merry old England with a little bit of fuzz.

The History Of Apple Pie’s website:

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