Album Of The Week: Wavves’ You’re Welcome

WavvesNaming a band after something you fear is strange, but at least there’s some honesty that comes with it. Regardless of his thalassophobia, San Diego musician Nathan Williams and his surf pop punk outfit Wavves have their sixth album, You’re Welcome, that’s due out on May 19. Williams is joined by Stevie Pope on bass, Alex Gates on guitar and drummer Brian Hill, and together they exhibit a sound that’s distorted and catchy. There’s also a raw quality with each track that keeps everything honest. It’s a refreshing structure that sticks to a no-nonsense approach.

What has always made Wavves an interesting band is the fine line they walk between being polished and noisy. It’s a sonic conflict between DIY roots and West Coast mainstream that achieves a captivating tone. There are genuine lyrics and a catchiness that isn’t annoying, but will stick in your head. The harmonies conveyed also assist in the latter. Williams and the gang write music that aims to please.

Each genre of music is meant to be pushed beyond its boundaries. Exploring the possibilities is what makes the art form exciting and invigorating. Wavves have been doing that to punk rock since the start of the decade, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be stopping anytime soon. Let’s see how they handle those boundaries with my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week:

An excellent example of harmonious catchiness is “Hollowed Out.” There are various dimensions that give it a psychedelic vibe while the chorus is intense. “Million Enemies” has deep vocal tones that are reminiscent of the Talking Heads. It adds a funky element to a track that’s groovy and electrifying. Going more toward the pop route is “Dreams Of Grandeur” with a dreamy aesthetic and an energetic essence.

New England music junkies can check out Wavves live at Brighton Music Hall in Allston, Mass, on May 17. If you’re desperate for a wild time, I highly suggest checking out the show. This act from Southern California is a hoot live. A few days after the show, grab a copy of You’re Welcome. It’s what Williams would probably say after you give the album a thorough listen.

Pre-Order Wavves’ You’re Welcome here:; Wavves’ Website:


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