Alt-Nation: Station Park, New Discs and Autism Awareness

The Station Memorial Foundation recently announced that a park to be built where the nightclub once stood, memorializing the 100 people who passed away in the tragedy, is on target to open in 2016. Plans call for the park to feature a gazebo, an archway reading “Station Fire Memorial Park” and 12 circular shapes in the ground designed to look like vinyl records. In each circle, granite monuments in the shape of speaker boxes will have a portrait etching of a fire victim’s face. To support the construction of the memorial park, go to

Dylan Sevey & The Gentlemen – New Mischief

Dylan Sevey & The Gentleman are back with a sophomore release, New Mischief, that is a powder keg ready to explode with ’70s flavored rock, country and blues.  The album was delivered with one simple request from Sevey to play the record loud. Sevey and The Gentlemen mine areas of ’70s rock covered by bands like The Band and Flying Burrito Brothers with an added early Petty & The Heartbreakers kick. New Mischief comes flying out of the gates with a pair of rockers in “The One I Love” (no relation to the REM tune) and “Here Goes Nothing.”  The band showcase their country chops on “The Part You Never See” and “This Will Be The One That Kills Me.” The centerpieces to New Mischief is the sprawling 8-minute-plus title track that is chock full of the ragged glory of Crazy Horse Neil Young guitar showers, ’70s southern rock and even hints of that other guy in music with the name Dylan. Don’t miss what should be a grand night of local rock ‘n’ roll at The Spot and pick up your copy of New Mischief stat!

Dylan Sevey and The Gentlemen have a CD release show for New Mischief at The Spot Underground (above ground) on April 4. The Cranston Dean Band and Julia Rhodes will also perform.

The Sonics – This is The Sonics

Some bands take some time off between albums but in the case of original core of The Sonics, some time off is 50 years. It makes Axl Rose look like Robert Pollard in comparison. When I heard the news of the original members of The Sonics putting out their first album in nearly 50 years, I expected it to suck. Like, why are they even bothering, right? Just play the old stuff like “Strychnine” and end the show with “The Witch” and everybody will go home happy. The Sonics aren’t content to rest on their laurels as one of the originators of garage rock, though. This is The Sonics doesn’t sound like a reunion album, but more like a lost album from an unearthed time capsule. This Is The Sonics was recorded in mono and sounds more like it was from 1965 than 2015. The Sonics jump out of the gates with a slew of rockers like “I Don’t Need a Doctor,” “Bad Betty” and my favorite, “Livin’ In Chaos.” The energy here is off chart so much that I think I actually like this record better than their classic recordings. The saxophone breaths a whole new life into their classic garage rock sound. The Sonics throw in some choice covers like “You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover” and the pre-Who High Numbers “Leaving Here,” which they slay. They even have what might be the greatest song ever written for Earth Day in “Save The Planet” with lines like “reality is for people that don’t know how to drink” and “critics are hot, some planets are cold, I want to stay on earth and rock and roll.” This is no nostalgia act. Don’t miss The Sonics at the Columbus because given their rate of productivity, we might all be dead by the time they get around to coming back.

The Sonics, Barrence Whitfield and The Savages, and Thee Fabulous Itchies will rock the Columbus Theatre to the rafters on April 11.

A is for Awesome 2 Autism Benefit

John White has put together another beast of a benefit for autism with four shows over three days. All proceeds will benefit the Trudeau Center and The Autism Project of Rhode Island. These shows speak for themselves so without any hesitation, let’s get to the details. On Fri, April 10, Gabby Rizzle, Zack Silk, Steve Donovan, Plastic Horse, Frankie Ranks and The Freeloaders, The Quahogs, and Cactus Attack will play Firehouse 13. On Sat, April 11, there will be an early show that runs from 3 till 10pm with performances by Chrissy Gavin, School of Rock, Blevin Blectum, Sharks Come Cruisin’, Consuelo’s Revenge, Junior Beat, Viking Jesus, and The Red Pennys at Aurora in Providence. Then there will be a nightcap show running from 9pm till close at The Parlour featuring Neutral Nation, The Frenzy of Tongs, The McGunks, and Me Jane also on the 11. On Sun, April 12, The Worried, Pyramid, Black Oil Incinerator, Atlantic Thrills, Neutrinos, and The Evil Streaks will rock The Parlour. Mr. White has got your entire weekend planned and it is all for a great cause to boot!

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