Alt-Nation: Blushing Brides, Rock ‘n’ Jock and Dylan

The Blushing Brides (Rolling Stones tribute)
I don’t do a lot on cover bands because what is there is to say other than how well a band pretends to be somebody they are not? The one exception is The Blushing Brides who I’ve caught a couple of times in recent years probably due more to my obsession with the Rolling Stones than anything else. The Blushing Brides hail from Canada and have been impersonating the Stones for 27 years. That’s a lot of time to get down Mick’s dance moves and Keith’s licks. If one is going to spend 27 years pretending to be somebody… welp, it might as well be the Rolling Stones. As one can guess given their longevity, The Blushing Brides are damn good at it. The Blushing Brides sell the gimmick with each member dressing up as a Stone and they are close enough at nailing the sound that one can close their eyes and pretend it’s the real thing. Last time they were at Manchester 65 the place was packed, so advance tickets or getting there early is recommended!

The Blushing Brides return to rock Manchester 65 in West Warwick on August 7.

Rock ‘N’ Jock
I never thought I’d write anything hyping spending a Sunday at a hotel in Warwick, but sometimes strange things happen when one is day drinking. I recently caught Steve Smith & The Nakeds at the Ocean Mist and it’s amazing to witness their energy and the musicianship of this band that has become a Rhode Island institution. Steve Smith & The Nakeds were formed in 1973. If you haven’t had the pleasure of catching The Nakeds live, think classic ’70s bar rock like early Springsteen & The E Street Band. While at the show, I introduced myself to Smith who told me about this upcoming Rock ‘N’ Jock benefit that they would be playing. The Nakeds will be joined by fellow Rhode Island Music Hall of Famers John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band, which alone is reason to go. For those who like some R&B, there is Skip Martin formerly of Kool & The Gang and a Temptations cover band to boot! For those hungering for some ’80s new wave, they’ve got Wally Palmar from The Romantics on the bill to tell you what he likes about you! There is pretty much something for everybody who loves to dance to old time rock ‘n’ roll and it’s all for a great cause! The mission statement of the Rock ‘N’ Jock charities is to raise money for the children of Rhode Island who are experiencing life altering illnesses and disabilities. The two charities this show will benefit are The Matty Fund and Joe Andruzzi Foundation.  The Matty Fund promotes epilepsy awareness through education and research. The jock in the show is former Patriot guard and cancer survivor, Joe Andruzzi, whose foundation gives back by providing support to cancer patients as well as funding research. The intersection of great bands rocking for a greater cause should make for a great Sunday Funday.

John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band, Steve Smith & The Nakeds, The Temptations Revue, Skip Martin, Wally Palmar, and Mike Antunes will rock for the kids at the Crown Plaza Garden Pavilion in Warwick on August 9. For more information, including advance tickets, go to

Skinny Millionaires and friends present: The Songs of Bob Dylan
The Newport Folk Festival closing tribute to the 50th anniversary of Bob Dylan going electric has sparked a one-of-a-kind local tribute. Mikey Millionaire of The Skinny Millionaires has organized a night paying tribute to the man who is arguably the most important musician/poet of the 20th century. For the occasion, Millionaire has put together a Dylan tribute band that will feature a revolving cast of characters like Smith & Weeden, Haunt The House, Bob Kendell, Roz Raskin, Skinny Millionaires and much more! I’m stoked about this just sitting around pondering what songs they’ll cover! Fans of Dylan and these musicians will not want to miss this show!

Skinny Millionaires, Smith & Weeden, Haunt The House, John Hillman, Bob Kendall, Roz Raskin, Josh Grabert and more will be paying tribute to Bob Dylan at Jimmy’s Saloon in Newport on August 15.

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