Alternative Facts: Talking to Trump

Fox Television has significantly raised the rates to advertise on programs that President Trump has acknowledged watching.

This might be because the audience is expected to grow, picking up viewers who want to see what their head of state is viewing. But we suspect it’s also because advertisers now see an opportunity to reach and influence POTUS more effectively than by just scheduling a meeting.

Trump seems to believe what he sees on TV, without a great deal of analytical thought going into it. Many of his more extreme positions can be explained as the result of watching too much … well, too much Fox News.

But if you run an ad on one of his favorite programs – that’s like a direct link into his brain! With enough investment, you too can have a significant influence on national policy, directly and on a subconscious level (just don’t cast Alec Baldwin, Rosie O’Donnell or Melissa McCarthy in your ad). It’s probably a better bang for the buck than campaign contributions or hiring your own lobbying team. It might even be more effective than sending in a supermodel or building your own Manchurian Candidate to influence policy. Although, if you want to reach the President, it’s still clear that nothing beats Twitter.

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