And Where Will You Find Love?

On St. Valentine’s Day, or any day when looking for love, we look at the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars. The Sun represents the basic nature of the individual. The Moon represents the emotions and needs. Venus is the desire nature, while Mars, the planet of action, reflects the sex drive. Where they are in the natal chart reveals what attracts you — what you want and need in a relationship.

Where they are in the sky at any given moment reveals what house they are in in your horoscope. The houses represent areas of your life. This is where the action is.

Venus, the planet that really rules the roost when it comes to love is preparing to go retrograde, which provides for an extended opportunity to look for love, and/or evaluate a love relationship. She may signal to you to keep him/her or kick them to the curb. This Venus influence lasts until mid-April.

Aries has a ton of charisma during this period. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you attract people and events to you. A good place to find love for athletic Aries is at a gym or sporting event. Places and venues where folks hang out for fun and relaxation work well for you.

Venus-ruled Taurus finds love in secluded places. A secret love affair is possible. For some reason, you may not want people to know about this relationship. It could be an affair with a co-worker that is frowned upon by the powers that be. Taurus finds love by listening to that inner guidance.

Gemini sparks up the old heartstrings by working that network. Friends, clubs, associations that you belong to are all fertile ground for cupid’s arrow. Someone unusual, foreign or not your usual type, attracts you romantically as well as intellectually. This could turn out to be really interesting.

Homebody Cancer needs to get out and about in order to discover love. At work or somewhere in the public eye puts you on display and attracts someone in authority to you. This could be an older person, someone who is mature for their age or simply someone who is well established in life. Stick to your regular routine.

Traveling will prove to be a boon for Leo. You may not have to physically travel to faraway places; a trip to the library, museum or art gallery — anything that transports you — takes you away from the everyday. Lectures that broaden the mind bring you into contact with someone that romantic Leo will respond to.

Virgo discovers love in the most unlikely places. A visit to a sick friend, a trek to the town dump or a trip to the bank provide for one of those chance opportunities. You may not recognize it at first for what it is. And this other person may not be clear about their intentions. Nothing to do with you; it is their stuff they have to figure out.

Libra is right on track, practically falling into a relationship. This one could appear out of nowhere — a crazy, exciting type of person. Exciting yes, stable, not so much. Ride the wave and enjoy it, but pay attention to those warning signs. There’s a tossup between a reckless, exciting individual or a more sober, somber steady type. You choose.

A schedule disruption or some unexpected event alters Scorpio’s course, placing a romantic possibility along your path. You have an intuitive connection with this person. You’re simpatico on a number of fronts. Don’t overlook the practical aspects of a relationship. Be sure to take off the rose-colored glasses once in a while.

Sagittarius can’t miss. In the neighborhood, during the daily commute or out on the town with friends, romance is lurking. Freewheeling, fun-loving Sagittarius meets his/her match for excitement and variety. This love affair will sizzle, but beware: It can sizzle hot and fast and burn out just as quickly. Enjoy!

Taking care of business provides Capricorn with a variety of moments to bring romance into the arena. Running around town, dealing with real estate matters or attending a business meeting may bring love into the picture. This certain someone will bring excitement into your life and bring you some much-needed amusement.

Friends, neighbors and siblings bring Aquarius into contact with people who are potential romantic partners.  Someone will be more outlandish than the unique person that Aquarius is. This person will excite you intellectually as well as physically. This could start out as a friendship, which is fine with you.

Pisces is taking a spiritual tack these days. Love for the Fish will be found at a yoga class, a meditation group or church service. Pisces’ church could be the great outdoors, hiking through woods or along the ocean. Any of these types of activities offer up the opportunity to find romance.

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