Album of the Week: Alexandra Savior’s Belladonna of Sadness

Alexandra Savior: Belladonna of Sadness

Alexandra Savior: Belladonna of Sadness

A smooth track with a poignant beat can leave a lasting impression, pleasing the senses while sparking artistic intrigue. Portland, Oregon, artist Alexandra Savior has that going on with her debut album Belladonna of Sadness that was released on April 8. She has a brand of alt-pop heavily rooted in jazz and vintage R&B, a blast from the past while also a breath of fresh air.

Savior was raised on the music of Pink Floyd, Muddy Waters and The Beatles and her sound takes influences from each act to create something original. Her debut has a space-rock tone while her lyrics and vocal delivery exhibit an elegantly honest and bluesy style. The vintage essence from her pop sensibilities harks back to the genre’s golden age of the 1960s. She radiates a laid-back charisma that keeps everything cool. There are also excellent harmonies abundant from beginning to end.

A listener has an endless number of choices in music today, and you can discover a new favorite band that none of your friends know about yet. Once you hear Savior’s music, you’ll be telling everyone about her debut, just what this column aims to do on a weekly basis. Let’s dive into this gem and explore my top tracks off of this Album of the Week.

With a solid drumbeat and groovy keys, “Shades” is a sensational track that is a prime example of Savior’s stellar vocal delivery; the poetic quality in her songwriting is captivating and evident. “Frankie” is a stunner with a silky bass line and hypnotic melodies. By being more guitar-driven, “Bones” sets itself apart from the rest of the album by having a straightforward structure; the chorus is catchy as well but not obnoxious at all.

Savior will be embarking on a small tour of Europe starting at the Nordic-themed nightclub Oslo in London on April 26. New Englanders can catch her May 27 when she plays the Boston Calling Music Festival at Harvard University, and seeing her live set is bound to be a treat. Everyone will probably be talking about Savior and her debut album by the end of the year, so stay ahead of the pack and grab a copy as soon as you can.




Boston Calling Music Festival, May 26-28:

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