Album of the Week: Haim’s Something to Tell You

Something to Tell You by Haim

Something to Tell You by Haim

When the sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim put out their 2013 debut album Days Are Gone, it took the indie rock world by storm. The melding of late ‘80s pop reminiscent of Wilson Phillips-like and Fleetwood Mac-esque ‘70s melodic rock created a stellar sound. It had people captivated from the first listen and Haim quickly rose to stardom. Their sophomore release Something to Tell You came out on July 7 via Polydor Records, and it was well worth the wait. It lives up to the anticipation, with Haim putting out an album that’s progressing into new artistic territory.

Haim makes an effort to modernize their music with the new album, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There’s more of an electronic presence being felt while the instrumentation serves as a base for each track. Danielle’s voice shines with soul and a forceful vibrato. Something to Tell You is a fearless album that confronts heartbreak and personal struggle with unbridled honesty.

To avoid a sophomore slump, sometimes a band can rely on raw talent and nothing else. That’s exactly what Haim did with their latest album, and it’s evident. The harmonies are stunning and the structure is chock full of rhythm. In an age where pop music is extremely concentrated and formulaic, this trio from Los Angeles provides something different. Let’s examine this and more in my top tracks off of the Album of the Week:

“Found It in Silence” has an orchestral vibe that surrounds the song; it’s a heartbreaker of a track that talks about depending on someone else for your own happiness. There’s a bit of funk within “Little of Your Love,” and the chorus is catchy while the song itself captures a groove, riding it from start to finish. With a vintage new wave touch, “You Never Knew” is an excellent example of the band’s trademark harmonies.

After playing close to home at Alt Summer Camp at Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach, CA, on Aug 19, Haim will be embarking on a West Coast tour starting at the Bumbershoot Music Festival in Seattle, playing on Sep 3, the final day of the three-day event. Hopefully they venture through the New England area before 2017 comes to a close. When they roll on through to your friendly neighborhood music venue, grab a copy of Something to Tell You – it goes straight for the soul and it never leaves.

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