Album Review: The Woolly Bushmen’s Arduino

bushmenEvery autumn I fall into a music rut. The albums that were the soundtrack to summer tart to sound a little overplayed, and I get bored with all the music in my Spotify library. As much as I love Portugal, The Man’s “Woodstock” and Royal Blood’s “How Did We Get So Dark?” I can only listen to them so many times before I need a new artist in my life.

This is where The Woolly Bushmen come in. This Florida-based band is fresh, quirky and sexy. Their new album Arduino dropped on October 4, and is the band’s third record since their self-titled album in 2012. Arduino is the perfect combination of ‘50s rockabilly and ‘60s rock ‘n’ roll. It’s exactly what you need to listen to if you’re in the mood to jam.

The Woolly Bushmen remind me of Greta Van Fleet, who are also college-aged and give off a similar “retro dirty rock” vibe. Instead of sounding like a carbon copy of Robert Plant, though, The Woolly Bushmen create a distinctive new sound by meshing doo-wop, soul and rock together while using unconventional instruments like the VOX organ. Band members Jacob Miller and brothers Julian and Simon Palombi say that their sound is influenced by a number of groups. including The Sonics, The Velvet Underground, The Zombies and The Animals, among others.

Arduino starts off strong and stays that way. From the first drumbeat and guitar riff, you know you’re in love. You hear Simon Palombi’s voice and then you really know you’re in love. He sings, he wails, he screams and sometimes sounds a little like Elvis. Goddamn. The band’s lyrics are honest and sometimes dark, but the ambiance from the VOX organ creates an aura of fun vibes.

Stand out tracks on the album include “Something New,” “Hangin’ Blue,” “Too Much Love” and “No One Will Care to Know.” Expect to keep your head bobbing continuously for over 30 minutes because these guys know how to rock really hard. Tracks like “Blue Powder” give off a garage vibe that make me want to dance, which I don’t usually do without alcohol.

Try cranking Arduino, or any of The Woolly Bushmen’s other albums, on the highway with the windows down. Trust me, it’s worth the crazy, wind-blown hair.

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