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Taurus asks: “What is the best approach to handling a friend I care about, but brings a lot of negativity into my life?”

There are a couple of issues going on here. First, you and your personality. You are a Taurus, a fixed sign that does not change easily. Taurus is a sign that is loyal, faithful and true. Your Ascendant, a huge part of your personality, is Libra. And like a Libra you are a social being, like to be with people, like to mix and mingle. Your Moon, in Libra as well, indicates that social contact is a basic need. Your planetary configurations and placements indicate that you have a very active subconscious and are open to the feelings of others. You have a lot of empathy, are sensitive and somewhat emotional. You hold a lot inside.

You attract friends that are a lot of fun to be around. They are playful and bring out your playful side as well. Your friends like to be noticed and can be kings and queens of drama. Often it is brought about by a need to be appreciated for whatever talent, skill or kindness they have. A simple “good job” can avert a lot of that drama.

There is something hidden going on here, possibly scandalous. You do love to dig deep into secrets, the taboo and the subconscious motives of those around you, and you have a real need for social contact being one of those “people who need people” types. Are you letting these needs and wants overrule your better judgement?

Your best approach to this friend is to use your innate diplomatic and conversational skills. Be clear and firm; you value their friendship but cannot tolerate the negativity. Set your boundaries, don’t get pulled into others’ drama and turmoil.

Gemini asks: “Is now the best time to buy a house?”

With both your Sun and Ascendant in Gemini, change is what it is all about with you. Fortunately, you have a very practical and pragmatic way of thinking, which keeps you from making changes simply for change’s sake. Currently there is a lot of activity around home, your own solid foundation and issues of security. The interest in home buying is there, but something is not clear. Perhaps motive or a financing issue. There is no impediment to buying a house now, but you will be very particular about what you buy and may not find what you are looking for at this time.

Pisces asks: “Should I hold firm or cut the price on the home I am selling?”

You are Pisces with a Virgo Ascendant — signs that are mutable and change with ease. But you have a certain fixedness in how you use your energy due to a powerful Mars in Scorpio. Your initial gut feeling is to hold firm, and you should listen to your gut. At any rate, by the time this is published the issue may be resolved. Because my dear Pisces, there is definitely a move in your future. The end of November should bring some action your way. If not the actual move, then active interest, papers signed or a signal that things are moving along.

Taurus asks: “Will current sanctions keep the Iranian government from developing nuclear arms during my lifetime?”

That’s a big question taking in many variables and affecting masses of people. It is not a question that can be answered through personal astrology, but through the use of mundane astrology, the astrology of world events.

In 1979 there was a revolution in Iran. They kicked the Shah out, the Ayatollah Khomeni returned from exile and on April 1, 1979, he proclaimed the Islamic Republic at 3pm Tehran time.

In mundane astrology the Sun rules the head of state and the Moon rules the people. A Horoscope chart erected for the time of Khomeni’s declaration places the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Gemini. The Aries Sun suggests action-oriented leadership that may not think things through. The Gemini Moon speaks of a people who are restless, curious and open to change. There is a strong Pisces influence in this chart, with Mercury, Venus and Mars in that sign. Pisces, among other things, rules religion and oil. On the down side it can indicate deceit, deception and betrayal. A lot of that particular energy is internal. Venus plays an important role in this horoscope. In Pisces she has power, although presently that power is restricted. Venus and the Moon represent women. Currently the powers-that-be in Iran have a medieval attitude toward women. Beneath that veil lies an entirely different woman.  Venus (women), while restricted, is nonetheless quite active and will continue to be so. It is an underground current of information and ideas.

The current treaty lifts the crippling financial sanctions placed against Iran by the international community and requires the curbing of their nuclear program and places that program under United Nations supervision. This is a 10-year treaty.

With that in mind, a look at the planetary picture in 10 years reveals powerful energies impacting this horoscope. The fighting spirit is aroused, but that spirit will be held in check. Those constraints will be both internal and external. Change is definitely in the air. Another revolution is a strong possibility.  Women will play an important role in that revolution. The people in general will be demanding more freedom of thought and expression, and reform of some sort will definitely be in the air. Old values and class distinctions will topple.

The years 2025 to 2030 will be a critical time for Iran as old patterns dissolve and new freedoms emerge. There will be a strong urge for freedom and the path to that freedom will not be smooth.  Opposing ideologies clash; a lot depends on which ideology prevails and/or if compromise can be reached.

With the countless variables in play it is impossible, indeed foolish, to try and forecast how future events will unfold. The international community will need to remain vigilant and be ready to reinstate sanctions if need be. Women, most definitely, will be key to any reforms, revolution and future actions coming out of Iran during these years. As the planetary picture changes and impacts the April 1, 1979, chart of Iran it will be “power to the people” time in that country. We can only hope that humanity will win the day.

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