Don DiMuccio

Don DiMuccio


Don DiMuccio has been a part of the local music scene for over 25 years. As a founding member and drummer for the swing-blues / roots-rock band Black & White, he's had a bird's eye view of the evolving local live club scene throughout New England. A self-professed Beatle-ologist and rock 'n' roll connoisseur, DiMuccio produced and hosted a Beatles-themed radio program in 1995 on Westerly's AM 1620 WCTD. He currently resides in Cranston, surrounded by his imaginary friends, take-out menus, and countless boxes of LPs and 45s.


Articles by Don DiMuccio

CD Review: Listen Above's Self-Titled Latest
August 24, 2016 No Commentby

CD Review: Listen Above’s Self-Titled Latest

Almost from its inception into mainstream America with Elvis wiggling his hips on “The Milton Berle Show,” rock music has ...

CD Review: Jimmy Adler's Grease Alley
January 13, 2016 No Commentby

CD Review: Jimmy Adler’s Grease Alley

By day, Pittsburgh’s James Addlespurger is a mild-mannered educator at a high school for the creative and performing arts. Armed ...

CD Review: Televisionaries -- Self-Titled
November 25, 2015 No Commentby

CD Review: Televisionaries — Self-Titled

Compared to many of my fellow music writers who toil daily in the literary trenches, I’m still a relative newbie, ...

CD Review: Kevin Connolly's Ice Fishing
October 28, 2015 No Commentby

CD Review: Kevin Connolly’s Ice Fishing

Hey kids, here’s a fun fact about me – I’m an only child. I never had to share my toys, ...

CD Review: Spuyten Duyvil's Social Music Hour Vol. 1
October 1, 2015 No Commentby

CD Review: Spuyten Duyvil’s Social Music Hour Vol. 1

Somewhere in the dusty recesses of my memory, I was vaguely aware that Spuyten Duyvil was an area in New ...

CD Review: Houston Bernard Band's Knocking Boots
September 17, 2015 No Commentby

CD Review: Houston Bernard Band’s Knocking Boots

Full disclosure time: I am not a country music aficionado by anyone’s definition. Don’t get me wrong, my record collection ...

CD Review: Sarah Kenyon's Love Again
May 20, 2015 No Commentby

CD Review: Sarah Kenyon’s Love Again

If Sarah Kenyon decided today to pack it all in and give up on the business we call music (and ...

CD Review: Matt Vanaria's Soaring
April 29, 2015 No Commentby

CD Review: Matt Vanaria’s Soaring

What I’m about to say might not win me any popularity contests among the younger indie crowd, but as a ...

CD Review: Mike Gendron's The Day That I Give Birth
December 18, 2014 No Commentby

CD Review: Mike Gendron’s The Day That I Give Birth

Don’t you hate when you see someone on TV, or even worse, on the street, and can’t quite place from ...

CD Review: Karma and The Truth's Between Standing & Falling
December 10, 2014 No Commentby

CD Review: Karma and The Truth’s Between Standing & Falling

A few weeks ago I received word that guitarist Joey Magnanti (formerly of Hawkins Rise) had formed a new band ...