Louie is a 23-year-old Providence-raised creative planting as many seeds as possible to allow his ideas to bloom all around. A step by him wouldn't be a proper one without considering who he's helping as well. Whether he's curating/hosting an event for the hip-hop website he owns (The Daily Note), doing poetry at AS220, performing music at The Met, or writing articles and think pieces, he puts his all into making sure every word plays with the others.


Articles by Louie

Hip-Hop: Summer Shows
June 6, 2018 No Commentby

Hip-Hop: Summer Shows

It’s almost summer, summer, summertime. As quick as 2018 came, it’s already halfway over! Here are a few events to ...

Hip-Hop: Culture Games
April 18, 2018 No Commentby

Hip-Hop: Culture Games

The hip-hop scene in PVD continues to bubble away into a perfect cultural concoction, and the next ingredient to add is ...

Hip-Hop: Warming Up
February 28, 2018 No Commentby

Hip-Hop: Warming Up

This past winter has been a weird one; the weather has been both mild and cruel. But one thing that’s ...

Hip-Hop: 20 Minutes to Logan
February 14, 2018 No Commentby

Hip-Hop: 20 Minutes to Logan

Boston bubbles with energy, and there’s great music being dropped around every corner. A couple twists and turns lead us ...

Hip-Hop: MyCompiledThoughts
December 20, 2017 No Commentby

Hip-Hop: MyCompiledThoughts

MyCompiledThoughts, an artist from Boston, has a transcendent energy that makes him more of an anomaly than a musician. Nothing about ...

November 15, 2017 No Commentby


Being a native of New England around this time of the year tests your resolve. This freezing weather also plays ...

Hip-Hop: Iris Creamer's Denim
October 4, 2017 No Commentby

Hip-Hop: Iris Creamer’s Denim

You may have seen Iris Creamer at Providence events, as she’s very supportive of creativity in the city. And listening ...

Hip-Hop: Falling for Music
September 6, 2017 No Commentby

Hip-Hop: Falling for Music

Fall is on the way! As the leaves change color and the temperature drops, we get all the dope hip-hop ...

CD Review: Cam Bell's Young King, Old Soul
May 31, 2017 No Commentby

CD Review: Cam Bell’s Young King, Old Soul

Providence is a city rich with as much talent as there is history. Throughout the years, I’ve yet to meet ...

Hip-Hop Review: Spocka Summa's Progression
May 3, 2017 No Commentby

Hip-Hop Review: Spocka Summa’s Progression

Spring in Rhode Island has to be one of my favorite things ever. Part of the reason is, through all ...