Jazz Insights: Barbara Slater

Within the last decade, Barbara Slater became a quality female jazz singer in Rhode Island. She had previously earned a law degree and published several books to her credit. As a professional executive she paid her dues at media stations in Boston for many years. Returning to Providence,  Barbara decided to become a jazz singer, which had always been a goal for her. She began taking singing lessons and studying important jazz musical background. Determined to make the grade, she organized a group of veteran performers to help in her delivery. Among the group was Kent Hewitt, Connecticut’s well known pianist, arranger and composer. Kent arranged her singing gigs to bring out her deep beautiful voice talent. (Her voice resembles the late great jazz singer Chris Connor). It didn’t take long before Barbara began singing with big bands and small groups alike.

She now joins a selected group of performing musicians that have attained later goals in jazz. Among her successful performances were gigs at The Hi-Hat Club in Providence’s Davol Square, Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, The Sidebar Pub in downtown Providence and several restaurant locations in greater Providence. An East Providence Library has featured her performances the last two years.
Those of us who have followed her musical development are proud of her personal success in jazz. Hopefully, we will hear her voice more often in performances in other places within our state.

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