Everlasting Love in Ben Minus Zoe Minus Ben

benminusBen Minus Zoe Minus Ben is a wonderfully entertaining love story with a science fiction twist. Ben (Joseph Luca) is in love with spunky Zoe (Sarah Reed), a woman who lives inside his imagination. Ben thinks he’s going crazy and consults his friend Patrick (Dan Martin). Ben also visits his cousin Wendy (Lee Rush), who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Wendy questions whether time travel is a “magic trick,” a “mathematical equation” or something divine. There is also a mysterious man known as the “Traveler” (Michael Thurber) who has a tense meeting with Ben.

Without giving too much away, the concept of time travel is the instrument that brings Ben and Zoe together. What makes this show work are the effective lead performances of Luca and Reed, who are tremendously charming as Ben and Zoe. They have a sweet and gentle relationship which I really found appealing. Thurber is also a standout and brings a lot of dramatic tension to the story. It is a fantastic performance.

Director Lenny Schwartz is a skilled writer who creates believable and interesting characters and situations. He has crafted an intriguing, touching and thought-provoking show that illustrates what love is all about.

Ben Minus Zoe Minus Ben runs through November 12. Daydream Theatre Company. Arctic Playhouse.117 Washington St, West Warwick. For tickets, call 401-573-3443.

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