Best of 2013 48 Hour Film Project

In its 8th year in Providence, the 48 Hour Film Project returned on August 18th to the recently reopened Columbus Theater to celebrate the best entries in this year’s competition.

Over the years, thousands of Rhode Islanders have taken part in this timed filmmaking competition, which challenges teams to write, shoot and edit an entire short film in only 48 hours.

At the kick-off for this project, which took place in July, envelopes are opened to reveal a prop, character name and line of dialog that everyone has to use – this is one way of ensuring people don’t prepare in advance. The best entries are built around these elements and tell an compelling or amusing story. Participants then have 48 hours to create and turn in their 8-minute cinematic masterpieces.

“The Best of Providence” screenings are usually fit for a broad audience – entertaining whether you slaved away on them or not. There’s still the Rhode Island factor to consider, of course – the odds are, even if you had nothing to do with the project, there’s somebody on one of the teams that you know, or are related to in a step-sister-in-law’s roommate sort of way.

This year didn’t disappoint, with a small fleet of enjoyable shorts (all films are under 8 minutes). Comedy also definitely ruled the night, with humorous shorts taking almost all of the top honors this year. Because the twists are what make them funny, I won’t give too much away: “The Pre-Nup” by Animus Studios follows a squabbling couple and the burglar who pops in while they’re away. “Water Works,” the second runner up, by SHADDAFUKUUUP productions, takes place at an awkward family BBQ. “Buddy Day” by Berarditage Films, is a sensitive, insightful examination of modern bromance – or it would have been, if it weren’t a farcical comedy. And 2013 winner “Love in the Time of Texting” is a quip-filled, sweet romance bound to remind viewers of Nora Ephron’s films. That was produced by Wax Idiotical, a veteran group of 48 Hour Filmmakers who have won in the past and in other cities. Why their particular brand of humor hasn’t made it to prime time yet is one of those local mysteries – but if you can catch their work, it’s highly recommended. These and the other award-winning films can make any evening entertaining for those with short attention spans.

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