Bettysioux Taylor

What’s more your style: Jazz Fest or Folk Fest?
Can we make FreakFest a category?
The best answer I can give is Folk Fest during the week and Jazz Fest on the weekend.

I like to be comfy and casual during the week and get sassy on the weekends.

What’s the best thing you’ve done so far this summer?
Going to the beach and successfully growing things in the garden.

What’s your best Newport memory?
As a newbie in 2008 I performed with a group of local dancers that put on a show at Studio 3 on Thames st. Lots of positive energy and the crowd was wonderful.

What’s more fun for you: being a performer or a spectator?
Being a Spectator is much more relaxing and I get to see everyone perform. As a performer I get the rush of being on stage but I miss seeing some of my fellow performers and sometimes experience stage fright!!

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