Big Nazo at Zoetical


Big Bugs Boogie


If you’ve seen The Big NAZO Intergalactic Creature Band, you’re not likely to forget it. Ever. The giant, spongiform aliens, spacemen and … more aliens look like nothing else on this planet. They thrive on playing with the audience as they’re playing for the audience. They sound great – but it’s the sight of these creatures working the sax, keyboard, drums and strings, producing music and interspersing extraterrestrial antics that will really stick with you. Some of the tentacles may literally stick with you.

The music is funk – rock, with a little blues, alt and electronica mixed in. Dancing is almost inevitable.

Their mothership has been docking at the Aurora as part of the Zoetical Festival happening there in April. Their last appearance will be this Friday – they beam down at 9:45pm. As they gain a national audience, their local shows are getting harder to catch, so check out the mayhem and music. They promise to include robots too.

The BIG NAZO Intergalactic Creature Band returns to Aurora’s Zoetical Festival on April 24th at 9:45pm.


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