Providence Roller Derby: Rats Chasing the Big Cheese

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Home season at Providence Roller Derby has started off hot at the Alex & Ani Downtown Skating Rink. The opening bout on July 25 pitted the Honeys and the Rats against each other, setting the tone for the bouts to come. Trannie Oakley kicked it off for the Rats with 15 point in the first jam, followed by a 17-point jam from Annie Trackburne. However, the Honeys fought back with a star-pass to Jetta Von Diesel that resulted in a 15-point catch-up. The score remained tied with Rats steadily creeping further ahead, and the first half ended off with Rats leading 109-66.

The Rats kept the lead throughout the second half with the Honeys in close chase. Even with Rats jammers Axe A. Dental and MaxSlayer Stone slamming down points, Sakonnet had to compete with Honey’s jammer-rotation of Jigsaw, Ragged Ann-eurysm, Nutritional Beast and Rhoda Perdition.

The intensity came in the middle of each half when the blockers on both sides turn on their defense mode. Rats’ hard-hitters Puma Thurman and Mary Slayne impacted in singles action while team-ups between Craisy Dukes with Dark N Stormy and Shamblock with Milla Lowlife slowed down the Honeys during the first half. Honeys had their own devastators — Alexis Lawless, Sinnamon Splice, and Valkyre — who kept the heat on the Rats.

The end came with a 22-point-jam Jetta against a 12-point-slaying MaxSlayer in the final laps, but the Rats took the first season victory with a final score of 207-172.

In a quick follow up, on Saturday, Aug 29, the Rat took their next victory against the Mob Squad 183-156 and have now taken one of two slots in the Championship this coming October. Will they face the Mob or the Honeys? Find out on Sept 19. To get all the scores, bout information and read up on your favorites skaters, go to

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