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Narragansett America’s Cup Bermuda Style Pilsner

Narragansett is mostly known for its flagship, which is a light, sweet pilsner. So naturally whenever they make a beer from their more crafty stock of recipes, it really invites comparison to its original lager. For example, their bohemian pilsner was a sharp departure from what the regular lager was, and I actually recommended swapping in the recipe.

So this “Bermuda-style pilsner” caught my eye. I have no idea what a “Bermuda-style pilsner” is, but it conjures up the mental images of surfboards and desperate time-share salesmen.

It’s a sweet, crisp, light brew that has a slightly dry finish. In fairness, it almost seems like the regular lager, but with a punched-up grain bill to add malt complexity. It’s a fantastic hot weather beer. It is a little sharper than the normal lager, in a good way, but doesn’t quite have the charm of the Bohemian. What’s interesting is that it’s got the year 2017 on the can. Since I know absolutely nothing about the America’s Cup or boats, I can only assume that it’s a very optimistic message that we’ll all be here in a year’s time no matter who is president, or it’s a very vague expiration date.

Regardless, it’s not a bad brew. ‘Gansett has done better and worse, so enjoy this as a welcomed alternative to the plethora of shandies.

Narragansett Lovecraft series White Ship White IPA

I’m sorry, this is a what? First of all, a white IPA? Weren’t we done with that style by the last election cycle? I haven’t seen a white IPA in years. And what the hell? I thought the Lovecraft series was done with I Am Providence, which I rather liked.

Well, I still call dibs on the name Hop Sothoth, so be careful, ‘Gansett.

As a white ale (sigh) goes, it’s not so bad. I’m not getting too much coriander, and the malt body is palatable. I’m worried about the hops, though. They don’t include an IBU count on the can, and while the hops are there, and actually really well balanced for the style, I’m not getting much. Some citrusy notes linger on the tongue and there’s some resiny aftertaste, but I feel it’s a bit short of IPA status, white or otherwise.

But then, IPA hop profiles take to a white ale like cats take to theoretical quantum mechanics, so I guess it’s unfair to judge them the same way.

And in fairness, my own well-documented prejudice against white ales aside, this one isn’t too bad. It’s complex, different, unusual and really refreshing on a hot, muggy summer night. The hop selection was very deliberate to give it qualities that complement the wheaty whiteness. This wasn’t a white ale that someone poured cascade into and then called it a day, so I have to give it credit for being well done.

So I might not be fully qualified to judge this beer, but it’s kind of my job, so as Schrodinger might say, you’re damned if you do or you’re damned if you don’t.

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