Brian O’Halloran Comes to RICC — and He Is Supposed to Be There

Three years ago I attended my first Rhode Island Comic Con. After a day of enjoying the convention, I went to the after party dressed as a vampire. From the corner of my eye I recognized Dante Hicks, the character who runs the Quick Stop Market in Clerks. O-M-G! He was hanging with the Chewlies gum guy. I’m not the type to just go up to a guy like that, so I went to the bar. On my way back from the bar Brian O’Halloran, who plays Dante, stopped to tell me he loved my hair. I thanked him, blushing, and later was officially introduced to him. The next day I returned to the con in a new costume, and visited Brian’s table. He didn’t recognize me, which was a compliment to my talents as a cosplayer, but he was gracious as he threw me, as Jay, and Silent Bob out of his booth, just as he kicked Jay and Silent Bob out of his market in the film. Since then I’ve had other opportunities to work with Brian, but without Rhode Island Comic Con I would not have met Brian, taken the perfect photo with Dante or interviewed him.

Jax Adele: This is Rhode Island Comic Con’s 6th year. I met you in 2015. How many times have you attended?

Brian O’Halloran: This will be my 3rd time attending the RICC. 

JAX: Does Rhode Island Comic Con stand out from other conventions?

BO: It has to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, comic con in New England. There’s a great selection of comic book artists, writers and celebrity guests. There are tremendous vendors and artisans, and there are fantastic panels and events.

JAX: What is your favorite part of going to a convention?

ohalloranBO: Meeting the other guests and artists, meeting with the fans and exploring the cities they are held in and enjoying the dining and entertainment available.

JAX: How does Providence stand out from other cities?

BO: Providence has a great history and wonderful people. It’s always friendly and the dining choices are awesome.

JAX: Dante Hicks returns! Jay and Silent Bob get a Reboot is slated for 2018. How excited are you and what can we look forward to?

BO: I am super excited to be back in a View Askew film. Kevin Smith has created such a fantastic world to play in. Now, I haven’t read the script yet, but I’ve been told that this will be a cameo-heavy film with some of the most hilarious stories told of these characters.

JAX: Are you even supposed to be her today? Sorry — I’m glad I can keep doing my Jay and Silent Bob cosplay. Do you get a lot of cosplayers? When I visited you as Jay, you knew to throw me out of your booth.

B: I really enjoy and am flattered when fans cosplay any of the View Askew characters. I try to make any and every meeting with a fan memorable. I’m very blessed that people continue to enjoy the work I have done.

JAX: You have a bunch of projects coming up. Off-Time as Principal Hicks? Coincidence? Do you want to share any updates?

B: Off-Time is a film in post production. The filmmaker is a fan and thought it would be cute to make the last name Hicks.

JAX: Any personal projects or nonprofits you’re currently supporting?

B: I have a few. There’s a bio-pic of Kevin Smith called Shooting Clerks, which is touring the film festival circuit and should be released soon. I’m a part of the cast of a Amazon Prime series called “Fireball Run – AdventureRally.” I started on season 10, which is available now, and just wrapped filming on season 11 due to be released in 2018. I am currently filming an independent film called Right Before Your Eyes, which is a drama about recovery from alcohol abuse. That is due out in 2018. I’m also appearing at various other comic cons and film festivals. The best way to stay up to date on what I’m doing is to follow my Twitter @BrianCOHalloran, Instagram @BrianCOHalloran and Facebook @TheBrianCOHalloran

JAX: What are you looking forward to during your visit in November?

B: Catching up with good friends, perhaps some karaoke and a great meal or two!

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