Bucket Brewery to Close its Doors

bucketMotif was saddened to hear that Bucket Brewery is, well, going to kick the bucket. In a statement made yesterday, Bucket said that it will close its Carver Street brewing facility and tap room in mid-March. The statement reads, in part:

We at Bucket want to thank our customers, staff, family, friends and vendors for the years of loyal support. When Bucket first took shape, the brewing industry in Rhode Island was just beginning a course that has seen a massive expansion to the number of breweries across the state. We’ve been a welcome part of an ever expanding family, and have both supported and been supported by each other.

Bucket was founded and expanded with a specific business plan in mind, and we’ve worked to adapt that plan as the state laws, consumers and direction of micro brewery ownership have changed. Within the last few months, we’ve weighed the business on all levels and determined that the current path ultimately is not what we want for Bucket.

Motif Beer writer and former salesperson at Bucket, says “[Owner] Nate [Broomfield] was obviously pretty crushed by it. From the look on his face, it was pretty clear that his back was against a wall.”

Bucket will continue its normal operating hours until its closure and will announce closing events in the coming weeks. In the meantime, they invite the community to “visit us and help us clear out our stock.” We’re totally there. Here’s to you, Bucket, and a fantastic run.

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