Rob’s Album Of The Week: Bully’s Feels Like

bullyIn the digital age, music fanatics have the luxury of indulging in a kickass band before everyone else hears about them. A garage punk act chock full of energizing angst, Bully from Nashville, Tenn, are putting out their highly anticipated debut full-length Feels Like this week, and it’s an absolute doozy. Lead by the screams of Alicia Bognanno, a sound that mirrors the grit of Joan Jett, the surf of The Beach Boys and the rawness of The Ramones, the album will have you hooked. A lot of independent musicians are bringing back the fuzz, and Bully are an excellent example of it.

Distortion is all over the place in this album, along with head-banging riffs that’ll make you act like a crazed lunatic. Feels Like also has a groove that’ll take over your inhibitions. Everything is tightly rhythmic; there are slip ups and structurally everything is driving while giving you a jolt. With all the rigidness going on, Bognanno’s voice has a knack for sounding innocent and when the chorus kicks in, she becomes a ball of rage. Bully’s debut lives up to the hype.

It’s that time again where I do the same old thing. I tell you what to listen to and I expect you to put up with it, much like certain terrestrial radio stations around these parts. The only difference is that each time I tell you what to listen to, it’s always something different and new. Anyway, here are my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week.

One track I’ve been digging a lot is “Six,” an absolute scorcher with Bognanno singing about her childhood experiences such as breaking her sister’s arm and then breaking her own a few years later. The guitars and drums really make for a ferocious listening experience that’ll shock your system. Another coming of age anthem is “I Remember,” exuding angst about past relationships that has Bognanno figuratively ripping out her heart and throwing it on canvas. The lead single, “Trying,” is a tad more poppy than the rest of the tracks on Feels Like, but the chorus is a hard hitter that definitely leaves an impression.

It’s a way’s away, but Bully will be playing the 2nd edition of the 2015 Boston Calling Music Festival at City Hall Plaza going on from Sept 25 – 27 and it’ll be a fantastic way to enjoy summer’s last gasp before we all have to wear sweaters and flannel. Until then, do yourself a favor and grab a copy of Feels Like. It’s a rager that you’ll have to blast through your speakers and piss off your neighbors.

Stream “Trying” here:

Bully’s website:

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