Cannabis: Holiday Shopping Guide

Looking for a last-minute gift for the cannasseur in your life? Check out some of the products below to find the perfect present. Add to a friend’s coveted glass collection, find a book on growing for your roommate, or maybe get your parents their first vaporizer!


Pax 3 – A higher end item for someone special, the Pax 3 is a discreet and sophisticated product that can be used for dry herb as well as concentrates. You can also program it from your smartphone!

Dr. Dabber Light – This sleek pen is meant for concentrates and uses titanium heating technology for better flavor at lower temperatures.

Puffco – The newest pen from Puffco contains a completely ceramic chamber, meaning that your product isn’t being heated by any metal, which greatly improves flavor quality. The pen has three temperature settings to choose from, and is for concentrates only.


Grav Labs – This company is known for producing standard, high-quality pieces. They make all kinds of products, from basic hand pipes to elaborate rigs and water pipes, as well as any kind of slide or attachment piece you might need.

Empire Glassworks – If you’re looking for a playful piece, Empire has you covered. Themes like Adventure Times, Pokemon and more make these pieces a fun addition to any glass collection.


Ryot SmellSafe case – Cannabis accessory company Ryot makes containers and travel bags that are truly smellproof and very discreet. They make a number of products in many sizes for different storage needs.

Medtainer – Two accessories in one, the medtainer functions as a container for your cannabis and also has a grinder attachment on the bottom. Smellproof and waterproof, the medtainer is a great accessory to have.


Marijuana Horticulture Grower’s Bible – The first edition of this book, written by Jorge Cervantes, was published in 1983, and it has been a staple for many beginning growers.

The Official High Times Cookbook – For the edibles lover in your life, this book contains over 50 recipes that are far from your standard pot brownie. Many cannabis lovers can be intimidated at the thought of making their own edibles, and this book breaks it down so any kitchen novice can be successful.

Beyond Buds – All about different concentrates and how to make them, this book was written by horticulturalist Ed Rosenthal and reporter David Downs. Their detailed instructions reveal how the best extract artists make their artisan products. They also highlight which tools and accessories are required for certain products.

The Cannabis Spa at Home – For someone who likes to pamper themselves at home, making DIY cannabis topicals is a great option. Lotions, bath soaks and more are all at your fingertips with this great recipe book.

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