Cannabis Tourism

With the recent uptick of progressive legislation, cannabis-friendly vacations are now possible in more locations than just Amsterdam. With eight U.S. states having legalized cannabis (four with functioning recreational dispensaries) and foreign countries including Spain, Portugal and Holland – and possibly soon Canada as well – with decriminalized personal use, travelers are increasingly able to partake in their preferred recreational activities. Naturally, businesses are joining the movement and including cannabis wherever the law allows.

Lodging: Search for cannabis friendly hotels on Bud and Breakfast or The Travel Joint to find your ideal place of relaxation. These listings range from hotels that allow vaping in some areas of the rooms to small Airbnb homes where you can relax and enjoy your dispensary selections inside or in a private yard. Some of the listed dwellings even offer glassware and vaporizers for the travelers to use during their stay. The Travel Joint also offers reviews of local dispensaries and brands, so you can shop smart and find the right product for you.

Know the Law: Educating yourself on the current laws at your destination is crucial. Talk to your budtender to find out exactly what you are and are not allowed to do, or pick up a copy of The Citizens Guide to State By State Marijuana Laws, written by the deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Local law enforcement will be on the lookout for tourists unaware of the rules and regulations in the area, and the last thing you want to get on vacation is a hefty fine for consuming somewhere you shouldn’t. Public consumption is still illegal in most areas, and trying to fly product to your home state could get you in trouble as cannabis is still illegal under federal law and prohibited in airports and on public transportation.


Denver – Cannabis legal cities have plenty of 420 themed activities to offer. While in Denver, tour the grow facility at Medicine Man, one of the largest commercial grow operations in the country; take a “puff, pass, paint” class and make some elevated art with a friend; or splurge for the full weekend package with My 420 Tours, including airport transportation and a two hour infused cooking class.

Seattle – When touring Seattle, visitors should sign up with Kush Tourism, whose three-and-a-half hour package includes a tour of Sky High Gardens’ grow facility, a glassblowing demonstration and workshop, a cannabis analytics laboratory, and a final stop at Uncle Ike’s, a legendary dispensary with a plethora of products to choose from.

Alaska – If you happen to find yourself in Alaska, be sure to take part in a 420-friendly whale-watching cruise. If the timing is right and the northern lights are visible, this would be an experience surely elevated by cannabis. Alaska’s stunning parks and natural features provide a beautiful landscape for hiking, canoeing and fishing – all made even more pleasurable with a little cannabis.

The Future: Legislative boundaries have prevented cannabis businesses from launching large scale cannabis tourism operations, but in the future we can expect the theme parks of cannabis to include many facets including growing, cooking, retail operations, education components and more.

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