Cannabis Meducation

With the cannabis industry expanding exponentially, educating oneself as a consumer and as a potential member of the cannabis workforce is hugely important. Luckily, the cannabis industry has been developed in an age of technological advancement, and there are a huge number of resources available online. Read below to find some ways to bring yourself to the next level of cannasseur.

Online resources:


Most notable for their wide selection of strain reviews, Leafly also offers dispensary location and reviews, articles on cannabis science and news, quizzes and more. Watch video tours of dispensaries or leave a review for your favorite strain from their mobile app!

Medical Jane:

This site is exclusively focused on the medical marijuana sector of the business. Patients can find information on how cannabis can help their specific ailments, learn about the chemistry behind cannabis, shop for vaporizers and find edible and tincture recipes.

Classes and Certifications:

University of Vermont:

UVM has a brand new cannabis science and medicine program with several different offerings. The first is an online speaker series that aired live this past spring; however, all five webinars are still available on their website for free viewing. They are also offering continuing medical education credits for medical professionals, with five modules to choose from. Lastly they are offering a professional certificate program that runs for 8 weeks starting at the end of September 2016. Each week students learn a different module, from cannabis history to pharmacology to business and law practices.

New England Grassroots Institute:

Located in Randolph, Massachusetts, the crew at New England Grassroots offer many classes year-round, including how to cook with cannabis, tincture making, grow classes at every level, growroom design, cloning and production. Classes can be one day, or offered in 2-, 4- and 6-week semesters.

Hemp Staff Budtender Certification:

This professional training class prepares students to work in a cannabis dispensary. This course is 4 hours long and will teach you how to appropriately recommend medicine for different ailments, and the legal standing of medical and recreational cannabis in New England. The next class is being offered in Hartford, Connecticut, at the end of September.

Trichome Institute:

Based out of Denver, Colorado, the Trichome Institute offers budtender certifications and product training, but most notably they teach a new skill called Interpening, which identifies the plants’ terpenes and physical structure, one of the only quality assurance grading techniques available in the cannabis industry.

The Medical Cannabis Institute:

TMCI offers accredited online classes for healthcare professionals who want to further their medical cannabis knowledge. They offer a smattering of classes, many tailored toward specific conditions known to be improved or alleviated by cannabis.

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