What Cheer Records + Vintage To Make Black Friday Fun

12118888_10156155843185594_8762993167454282921_nWhen you hear the words Black Friday, horrific images might float around in your head. Crazed parents trying to find that new hot toy for their spoiled kids, people camped outside of Walmart for hours before the doors open and retail workers praying for their sanity while they deal with droves of customers until their shift ends. You can make a good case that Black Friday epitomizes everything that is wrong with America today. To bring a bit of enjoyment with live music and good vibes, What Cheer Records + Vintage on Thayer Street in Providence will be putting on a little celebration this Black Friday. It’ll definitely be a nice release from the ridiculousness that will ensue everywhere else throughout the day.

Chris Daltry (who you might know from local indie rock acts The ‘mericans and Purple Ivy Shadows) and his wife Jennifer have organized a wonderful event in their little shop. Discounts on certain records, including this year’s Record Store Day releases, free ice cold brews from Narragansett Beer and three local acts performing right in the store will be going on. You’ll have the dream pop fueled acoustics of Able Thought, Dylan Sevey (who is also the drummer for rock and rollers Smith & Weeden) from his own rock and roll act Dylan Sevey & The Gentlemen and power pop quartet Jets Can’t Land flowing around their sounds during the afternoon.

If you want to take a break from the chaos that is Black Friday, stop by What Cheer Records + Vintage. The festivities guarantee an awesome time and you’re bound to find that one record you’ve been looking for or a unique knickknack while perusing the store. If you do decide to venture out into the Black Friday shopping wasteland, please support your local businesses.

What Cheer Records + Vintage’s Website: http://whatcheerprovidence.com

Check out the event page on Facebook for all the info: https://www.facebook.com/events/691384064330125

Able Thought’s Website: http://ablethought.com

Dylan Sevey & The Gentlemen on Bandcamp: http://dylansevey.bandcamp.com

Jets Can’t Land on Bandcamp:  https://jetscantland.bandcamp.com

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