An Interview with Christine Evangelista of Bleed for This

We talked to Christine Evangelista, who plays Ashley in the upcoming film.

(You can see her in the trailer here: )

Motif: Had you heard of Vinny Paz before this film?

Christine Evangelista: I’d be lying if I said I was an avid boxing watcher, but I am an Italian-American and my grandfather was real big on boxing, so of course I knew who he was. Motif: How did you get involved with this project?

CE: I read the script three years ago and absolutely loved it. And I actually read for a different part in the movie [Vinny’s sister]. I knew I was too young, but I wanted it so badly. And I am a fan of Ben Younger and of Boiler Room – I thought that this movie was reminiscent of Boiler Room. Not just the sort of dark realism, but also the humor of things … and he offered me another role in the movie. It wasn’t a part I would normally do, but we expanded it a little and I thought she had the potential to be this really funny character, showing another side of Vinny. I thought I could have a lot of fun with it. And I did. Motif: Is she based on a real-life person?

CE: I don’t think she’s exactly one specific person – she’s sort of a combination of a few of the women Vinny would hang out with at that time in his life. This woman is just unapologetically herself. You have to be a very tough kind of woman to be with a tough guy like that.

Motif: But it was really the script that pulls you in?

CE: Absolutely. I think everyone was a big fan of the script. And the whole project was so … transformative. It encouraged everyone to stretch and redefine themselves – Eckhart and Teller and so many performers got to be physically and emotionally very different from who they actually are.

Motif: How did you get into character? CE: I had to do research on the accent and on the look of the time. The stylists were awesome. The second I put on the clothes I remember completely feeling like this woman from the mid-’80s. The hair and the costume were essential.

Motif: Did you meet Vinny?

CE: I did on set. He’s very true to the story – very much a larger-thanlife kind of guy.

Motif: What was it like to work with Miles Teller?
CE: He’s a great guy – we met the first day of shooting, but I don’t think I actally met Miles. I met Milesas-Vinny. He had tremendous focus. Motif: Was it your first time in Rhode Island?

CE: No, but I was reminded of how beautiful it was. I was happy that they did it there. The spirit was great. I mean, this is an independent movie, and we’re dependent on the graciousness of the town and the community. They put out an ad asking for Vinny Paz fans, and they filled this huge stadium. The people were so great. Motif: You’re also starring in the upcoming romantic thriller series called “The Arrangement.”

CE: Yes, that’s on the air in March. It’s about a contract marriage in Hollywood, but it takes such an interesting turn mid-season. I think on this show everyone is sort of hiding and running from something. And things aren’t ever what they appear to be. Smoke and mirrors in Hollywood, right?

Motif: You also have a recurring role on “The Walking Dead” [as Dwight’s girlfriend, she spent a few episodes avoiding walkers and the Saviors in the woods with Daryl and Dwight]. Can you talk about it?

CE: It’s pretty tight. Without saying where I am or what I’m doing or why, I can say that I am in it this season.

Motif: What was your experience like?

CE: It’s very exciting to be a part of. Especially after that season opener, there’s just so much potential for revenge. I think this season is going to be great for the fans. We’re in a constant battle for survival on that show – against external forces like the zombies, but now – it’s like Lord of the Flies.

Motif: It’s certainly a much grimier set – you’re covered in blood and dirt.

CE: It’s the opposite end of the spectrum from Ashley’s French manicure and hair extensions. That’s one of the great things about being an actor.

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