Christmas in the Stars

starsWednesday we can’t wait to escape the hum-drum daily routine, especially when Gemini Moon squares off with the dreamy escape artist Neptune. It’s easy to deceive ourselves under this aspect. The deception won’t last long as reality comes crashing down in the afternoon when that same Moon opposes Saturn. Responsibilities and tasks close in and they have to be addressed in order to move on. Busy Gemini Moon favors the multi-tasker, so multi-task already and get that crap done.

Christmas Eve morning Venus hooks up with Jupiter, encouraging overindulgence and reckless spending. If yesterday’s chores have not been completed they won’t be under this transit. Venus/Jupiter creates a festive atmosphere and work is the last thing on anyone’s mind. This combination brings feelings of contentment as you attract and are attracted to those who take the high road in life. The honest and upright are sometimes hard to find these days, but they are out there. Interaction with others brings a benefit to all concerned. This is a great time for parties and socializing. Friendships and love relationships formed now bring that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Moon rolls home to Cancer just after midnight as Christmas Eve becomes Christmas Day. Moon in Cancer brings emotions to the fore. It is a great time for spending time at home with family. Folks want to nurture and be nurtured. The Full Moon becomes exact before sunrise, at 6:11am and before the Moon sets at 6:54am. If you’re up early enough you might be able to catch it at exactness before that big old Moon disappears from view.

In the afternoon, Moon makes an aspect of ease with Neptune, bringing inspiration and faith. It also brings escapism at its best. Don’t overindulge in the Christmas punch; the hangover won’t be worth it. Practical Mercury in Capricorn connects with Jupiter in Virgo, opening the mind to the possibilities and some useful information to make the possible actual. Although mentally acute, there is a tendency to take the easy way out with this combination, and there is danger of shooting one’s mouth off. Bear in mind, Moon in Cancer with Neptune makes for sloppy sentimentalism. Some folks engage in it, others won’t tolerate it.

Later in the evening, Uranus appears to stop in the sky and prepares to move in direct motion. This is called a station and when planets make a station, the energy symbolized by that planet is strong. With Uranus, expect a surprise, personal or global. Christmas is a religious holiday despite all the commercialism. The fanatics will be out in force.

Saturday, Moon in Cancer encourages connecting with family and others who are emotionally close.  Moon bounces off a number of planets throughout the day and night. In the evening, with Mercury and Mars, expect emotional outbursts and some angry exchanges. Not to worry, by 10:30pm or so, Moon with Venus makes nice, ending the evening on a peaceful note.

Sunday, Moon moves into Leo. It’s a quiet day aspect wise, but it is a good time to thank someone for their efforts, their kindness or simply for being who they are. Folks like to be appreciated when Moon is in Leo. This feeling carries over to Monday, so if there is someone on the job who needs a pat on the back, don’t hesitate to provide that positive feedback.

Tuesday morning, when Mercury tangles with Mars, you know Christmas is over. Sharp words and an ugly commute are strong possibilities. Traffic mishaps and other snafus resulting from miscalculation abound. Try not to get angry and remember to breathe. Leo Moon loves drama; don’t get sucked in.
Tuesday afternoon the energy shifts when Moon enters Virgo at 1:58pm.  A good time to settle down and attend to the tasks and chores that fill your daily routine. Clear the decks and prepare for the big weekend coming up.

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