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Time go get some sun. I’m not talking about the sun in the sky – I’m talking about the proverbial sun, the “out from the shadows and into the sunlight” sun. Time to come out of the darkness and into the public eye. It’s time for Corruption Rules to formally go public.

Since the mid ’80s, Corruption Rules has been the chief behind-the-scenes advocate to promote political corruption in RI. Up until now, less attention was the key. Today, however, it should be apparent that corruption is not only here to stay, but should be publicly encouraged and applauded as a great benefit to society.

We might take the form of a tax-exempt organization, a PAC, political party or maybe even a church. We will not only publicly recognize those betraying the public interest to enrich themselves, friends, family or supporters, but advocate for it. We’ll offer training programs, policy platforms and recommendations, and make donations to those deserving. And we’ll explain in clear terms why corruption is so beneficial, despite some token opposition.

We may be taking a risk by educating opponents about how to stop corruption by publicly stating what we support and oppose. Some remind me it won’t matter because they are just too clueless to understand. But I don’t agree. It won’t matter because they are too smart to want to. After all, there is plenty of reward to be had in the “opposing corruption” business.

Stay tuned to Motif online for updates and how you can get involved with profiting from our time-old tradition of using government as it should be used – to profit by screwing over the voters.

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