Day Trill Serves Up Can’t-Miss Day Parties (print version)

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The 6th season of Day Trill is on the horizon, so I sat down with the founders of Day Trill & stay silent PVD, Jason “WHERE’S NASTY” Almeida & Sabrina Chaudhary, to talk about the event. I first asked Chaudhary to describe Day Trill for the uninitiated. She called it “a hip-hop day party with childlike elements intended to bring adults out of their own headspace, similar to a beach party.”

Day Trill has come a long way since their inception. The event’s first installment saw a turnout of 30 people, but Almeida and Chaudhary weren’t phased by the low turnout. Looking back, Chaudhary remembers how the first Day Trill was received. “Everyone that came through said, ‘This was fire! When’s the next one?’”

Planning for this summer has been going on all year. As Almeida described it, “It’s a collection of thoughts and ideas in brainstorm over a whole year. It’s never like, ‘Yo, we’re gonna sit down and just talk about Day Trill.’”

Despite all the planning, Almeida and Chaudhary receive criticism for a number of things, which in their eyes, just comes from a misunderstanding between themselves and the consumer. Almeida made it clear that their goal has never been to create events based on what the people want, but rather what they want. Jay compared themselves and Day Trill to a chef and their restaurant. “If I go to a restaurant, they put it on the menu like that because that’s the way they wanted it to be consumed. So when you go to that restaurant and start asking for substitutions, you’re taking away from the experience of what the chef wanted to create for you. I look at events in that [way].”

Chaudhary explained that she doesn’t allow herself to get too deep into people’s comments, good or bad. “If people are praising us, I can’t buy too deep into that and if people are giving us negative feedback I can’t buy too deep into that because we have a vision. But I’m thankful for both ends of it and it’s just what it is.”

I asked Almeida and Chaudhary what songs they were most excited to hear this season. Almeida said Sheck Wes’ “Mo Bamba” is a track he’s excited to spin at Day Trill because track’s energy reminds him of Day Trill’s energy. He also said the track reminds him of the counterculture Day Trill was born in. Chaudhary is looking forward to communal dances like the swag-surf and the electric slide because of the feeling of family and community these songs bring. “If you know, you know and if you don’t you’re stuck on the corner staring, and that’s why we electric slide to Frankie Beverly & Maze and not to the Electric Slide song.”

I asked Almeida and Chaudhary about the future of Day Trill. Their true goal is to have a long-lasting impact on the culture. “I want it to be like when you think about Providence summer, when you think about Rhode Island, when you think about New England summer, there’s these different events that you connect to that you’re like ‘Yo, I know in the summertime I HAVE to go to this.’”

If you’re wondering what to expect for this year’s Day Trill, take it from Almeida: “Trust the menu.”

Day Trill takes place Jun 30 from 4 – 10m, The Steel Yard, 27 Sims Ave, PVD; also check out stay silent’s Friday summer series, Super Casual at The Shack, Fridays from 6 – 9pm, 239 Dyer St, PVD


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