Delightful Sunshine Boys


sunshineBob Colonna and William Oakes make for a dynamic duo as “The Sunshine Boys”, a pair of ex-vaudevillians who reunite for a television special in 1972. Willie (Colonna) hasn’t seen Al (Oakes) for 11 years. The two men worked together for several decades but had a falling out. Willie despises Al, but respects his talent. He’s a stubborn man who’s set in his ways.

Things don’t go smoothly when they rehearse for the television show at Willie’s New York City apartment. They bicker and snipe at each other over the most trivial things.

Colonna and Oakes have superb comic timing and really bring these characters to life. They are a lot of fun to watch.

Nicholas Thibeault gives a terrific performance as Willie’s long-suffering nephew Ben, who is responsible for bringing Willie and Al back together. A very amusing running gag involves Willie forgetting Ben’s children’s names.

Susan Bowen Powers is quite effective as Willie’s no-nonsense nurse.

Director Ed Shea has a good sense of pacing and draws out the best qualities of his actors.

Playwright Neil Simon provides lots of witty dialogue for his characters. This is also a show with a lot of heart. Willie and Al have a deep bond forged from years of working together, which leads up to a very sweet ending.

The Sunshine Boys is a delight and another winning production from 2nd Story Theater.

The Sunshine Boys runs through August 28. 2nd Story Theater, 28 Market St, Warren. For tickets, call 401-247-4200, or buy online at









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