Hip-Hop: DIASPORA Records

Music can be considered one of the best ways for an artist to express emotions and mood. It can also be used as a tool to motivate people, and I believe there is a genre of music out there for everyone. Artists are springing up all over the place, some start in their parents’ basement, their church and even on their college campus. I believe being a student/artist is a great challenge for individuals seeking a career in the industry. Learning to balance your academic, social and personal responsibilities while creating music can be a major struggle for most.

A few months ago, I went to check out few  students who were performing live. There was a ton of talent at this event, but one group stood out and left a lasting impression and I wanted more people to know who they are. So after about 30 seconds of thinking I decided to interview DIASPØRA records with the hopes of shining a light on their tremendous talent.

Spocka Summa: Where are you guys from?

DIASPØRA Records: We originated in Providence.

SS: How did you guys form the group?

DR: The group was founded in summer 2016 by a cohort of students at Brown University with a vision to revolutionize the landscape of modern-day art via the black excellence that they embody.

SS: Who are the members and what do they do?

DR: The group currently consists of nine members who all attend Brown University. Mohamed Mohamed is the current manager of the group and is also a DJ. Javon Stephenson (SO4P) is an actor and rapper. Antone LeBlanc (T1) is a poet and rapper. Saleka Shyamalan is a pianist and singer. Dustin Abadie (KNOHISRY) is a producer and DJ. Tim Tali is a fashion designer and producer. Sanoj Allen is music engineer and producer. Felege Gebru is a visual designer and animation producer. Nadir Pearson (Ponyboy Pearson) is a social entrepreneur, photographer and videographer.

SS: What inspires the music?

DR: The music is inspired and influenced by hip-hop, R&B, soul, funk, gospel, reggae, Afro-beats and more. The mission of the group is to portray a proper representation of the art and music that exists within the international Black DIASPØRA. The group is very eclectic, as all of its members represent myriad displaced people who all originate from black heritage and culture.

SS: How do you balance the student and artist life?

DR: Managing the production of music and other forms of art that the group produces is a lifestyle. As such, our perception of the work associated with DIASPØRA is enjoyable rather than burdensome. However, time management and efficiency are significant factors in ensuring that members of the collective achieve excellence academically and artistically.

SS: Can you tell me about your future plans?

DR: This upcoming summer we will be in New York creating art via different institutions and corporations. We will also be learning from current pronounced artists and expanding our network to further the progression of the group.

SS: Are you currently working on any projects?

DR: Members of the group are currently working on different projects including mix tapes, creative videos, clothing lines, and increasing our presence through performances with other artists. Stay tuned.

SS: Where can we find your music?

DR: Our music can be found through our sound cloud: soundcloud.com/diasp_ra.
For live updates on what the group is up to you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @diasp_ra.

Often people lose sight of what they want to achieve in life. We all owe it to ourselves to pursue something that makes us happy. Whether you are a student or working full time, there are endless possibilities as long as you are willing to find time to pursue them. Without a doubt I will continuously be on the lookout for talents like DIASPORA and anyone else determined enough to pursue their passion no matter the obstacles.

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