Warm and Welcoming Outdoor Patios

Some of us wish summer good riddance (see page XX) and eagerly welcome fall with chunky blankets and steaming cups of cider. Others of us cling to summer’s warmth and lament the end of long days, sandy toes and outdoor dining. Luckily, some outdoor dining spots get it, and they’re kind enough to ease us into cooler weather by warming us on their patio during chilly fall nights, allowing us to extend our use of the outdoors a bit longer. And I’m not talking about those tall metal warming poles. I’m talking about patios that offer warmth and ambiance, soothing the complaints of summer lovers and reassuring them that everything will be all right.

Portsmouth Publick House: Head to this Portmouth spot and hide between vine covered trellises and a roaring fire pit. Burgers, nachos and meatloaf by a fire? Nothing’s more comforting than that!

Bar Louie: Grab your after work drink at a flaming table. Right by the front door of this spot is a bar-height table with flames that shoot from the middle of it. Let the fires warm you, but don’t let your beer get too close. Nothing worse than a warm beer on a cool night.

Rooftop at Providence G: If flaming tables and after-work drinks are your thing, look up. This high-up spot not only offers a unique view of the city, but a cozy spot to sit and sip while you warm yourself by the fire.

Brutopia: Have a seat at an outdoor picnic table and tuck in to a delicious plate of barbecue. If you can still move after filling your belly, grab a drink and curl up on one of the cozy seats that surrounds a central fire pit. It’s the perfect spot to digest.

Chapel Grille: This fine dining spot makes you forget you’re in the middle of Garden City’s major shopping area by seating outdoor diners near a roaring fireplace. But even if you dine outside, be sure to sneak a peek at the beautiful architecture inside.

Ogie’s: This favorite summer spot keeps the party going into fall with fire pits on their back patio. Pull up a chair and keep your fingers warm enough to pick up your tots. 

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