EDM: New England’s Top EDM Venue

I’ve been around the world and experienced a lot of clubs and types of nightlife, and I must say we have an amazing nightlife and beautiful people in our own little state.

With more than a decade of experience in EDM mayhem, RI holds one of the most legendary EDM clubs in New England: Club Therapy. Even New York promoters take interest in it. With its heavy scheduling of major worldwide headliners, Club Therapy is not about to slow down.
After the unscheduled closing of its lone afterhours club in Nov 2011, Providence was left with a void. It would be more than 2 years before something would return to fill the 2 – 6am gap that was lacking in Providence’s nightlife. Boasting “New Venue, Same Vibe,” Therapy has returned to Dike St, moving to a newer, cleaner space a couple blocks down at number 62.The club contains an earth-shaking system with 12 subs and eight line array speakers, all custom built. The main room has four large projection screens — two behind the DJ and two on either side of the dance floor. A custom-designed light show and truss layout tie the room together and pull you into the music. The front room lounge uses two subs and two tops from the Martin Audio system that was in the main room at the former location, and there’s a unique 3D mapped visual display as a backdrop for the DJ.Saturdays midnight – 6am; Underground house and techno with international guests
Fridays midnight – 6am; Various scheduled events with a wide variety of acts18+, No liquor

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  1. The sound system in the main room will shake your soul out of your body you can literally feel the bass in your chest!!

  2. Come through Saturday December 5th, experience it for your self and here world renowned DJ and Producer Josh Wink. We go 10-6 for this special night.

  3. It really is a club like no other. I don't even go anywhere else before anymore because it's open at 12am.

  4. The only club I have ever felt comfortable and safe at. The only place were attitudes are checked at the door and the vibe inside is a judgment free zone. Having the privilege of witnessing first hand the amazing sounds and acts at its original location I can say this new location is just as nice. It is a lot cleaner and held to a much higher standard but overall it has the look and feel of Club Therapy. The name that will go down in history and forever be a landmark were many people came together for the same reason "For the Music". To unite as one and share the experience of lights sounds and The Music!!!! I love this place!!!

  5. Jeff LeClair says:

    THERAPY doesn't serve liquor. Once in a while a caterer is brought in for special events, and a bar is provided and liquor is served until 2am. Our next catered event is December 5 https://www.facebook.com/events/778749188913827/

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