Hip-Hop: Fall Shows and Local Albums

Fall is quickly approaching, and there are a few things we should not miss out on as a community. Artists are performing live all around the state and a good number are releasing projects. Here are a few of my picks for shows and projects I will be checking out, and I believe you should as well.
Six must-see fall shows:
Danny Brown, September 15, Lupo’s
It is awesome to see Danny Brown performing in Providence. He puts on an amazing live show and has a tremendous amount of energy. After a somewhat long hiatus, he is finally releasing his album Atrocity Exhibition.
The Jam, September 22, The Met 
This is an awesome showcase driven by local talent and meshing together performances by upcoming rappers, singers, bands , DJs, producers and brands.
Denzel Curry, September 24, The Met
Because he’s one of the most talked about rising artists, I expect this to to be a full house.
IHS CD Release, October 28, AS220 
This will be the first ever release by InHouse studios and will feature local musicians and InHouse producers.
Azizi Gibson, November 18, The Met
After becoming a trending topic with his song “Slave Ship” featuring WAka Flocka, Azizi has been on fire. If you’re looking for a show with tremendously high energy, this is for you.
The Wave, December (Date TBD), JWU
This annual event presented by B08 studios will take place at a JWU Pepsi Forum Auditorium and feature local artists and brands. Free admission.
And check out these local albums that will be released this fall:
Dvalor, Valordictorian’s, September 16
 A sample based instrumental beat tape inspired by hip-hop created in the mid ’90s. @dvalorofficial
Lunch Bagg, The Holy & The Hostile, October
Very spacey trap vibes and solemn introspective cuts; very different from any work he has done before.
Slitty Wrists, Asthma EP, November 11
This EP brings an abstract and rejuvenating sound as it guides a glance into a new generation of music. http://soundcloud.com/sidivs401
Jay Notes, Ombre, December
A high-energy delivery of catchy melodic tunes and artistry.
I’m also going to release an album on November 22 called The Progression. I describe it as a dark auditory and visual journey through the subconscious mind of today’s robotic society.
Check out my website for more info: spockasumma.com
So far it is looking like an exciting fall. Many shows to attend, so little time. Keep checking Motif for more fall dates as they become available.
Follow Spocka on ig/twitter @ispocka; Summereightyeight.com

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