Law Center Spread: Favorite Lawyer Billboards

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You’re watching traffic (we hope) but they’re still shouting at you from the sidelines. Is it an attempt to produce more accidents – and more work for the injury attorneys? In any event, goofy photoshopped photos of attorneys seem to have a practical monopoly on local billboards, perfect for depicting larger-than-life characters. To celebrate our first legal-themed issue, we drove around and tried to capture some of their glory. One odd observation that we’d like to study further – the density of attorney billboards seems to be higher on every highway coming into the state than on any of the routes out of the state (as you approach the border to leave RI, which of course few true Rhode Islanders would voluntarily do, you see fewer law firms represented and more beer, soft drinks and gambling). We don’t know what this means, so debate it with your friends and family.

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