Film Review: Let Us Prey


let-us-prey-posterIn a small coastal Scottish town, police officer Rachel Heggie arrests a young man for hitting another man with his car. The only problem is that there is no body. Upon arriving at the police station with Caesar, the driver, we learn that he is a known troublemaker in town. Things get stranger when the man Caesar hit with his car is brought to the station.  The stranger barely speaks, his fingerprints are that of a long dead man and he seems to bring out the absolute worst in everyone who comes in contact with him. Once the stranger is held for observation while they try to find out who he is, what began as a quiet night becomes anything but with one crazy and gory twist after another.

Let Us Prey is brought to us by first time feature filmmaker Brian O’Malley, who shows a wealth of potential and brings us a solid and entertaining film. The cinematography and score steal the show with Piers McGrail filming and Steve Lynch composing one of the best throwback synth scores in recent memory. The acting is good all around with Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman) standing out, and Liam Cunningham’s (“Game Of Thrones”) personification of the mysterious stranger works very well.

What we get with Let Us Prey is an extremely good-looking and well-acted film that falters a little in the writing. I only fault the writing because I knew exactly what was happening a step before the movie told us and figured out the basic plot quite quickly. Even though the story is familiar, Let Us Prey makes the most of its story, small cast and limited locations and presents the best version of this premise I’ve seen. Check it out on all VOD platforms.

Let Us Prey (2014); Director: Brian O’Malley; Starring: Liam Cunningham, Pollyanna McIntosh, and Douglas Russell

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