Film Review: Nina Forever

Nina-Forever copyHolly is a strange girl with a dark side who is drawn to her co-worker Rob who recently attempted suicide after his girlfriend Nina died in a car accident. Things seem to be going fine for Holly and Rob until their relationship becomes sexual because whenever they become intimate, Nina returns if only to mock them and perpetually remind Holly that she is Rob’s rightful girlfriend.

Nina Forever is an eerie and emotional take on what could have been nothing more than crude splat-stick in the hands of less capable film makers. The story and characters are extremely well written and fleshed out (sorry but I couldn’t resist that one) and the story takes a fascinating turn from examining how we deal with grief and loss to a complex take on one character’s own insecurities. The directing team of brothers Ben and Chris Blaine have done a great job of crafting a film that is both disturbing and humorous while having depth. The three main lead actors are all superb, especially Abigail Hardingham who plays Holly.

Nina Forever is available on VOD now and comes highly recommended by me although I will say that it isn’t for everyone so you may want to check out a trailer first.

Nina Forever (2015); Directors: Ben Blaine and Chris Blaine; Starring: Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Abigail Hardingham, Cian Barry

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