Film Review: We Are Still Here


We Are Still HereAnne and Paul Sacchetti are an older couple who move into a secluded western Massachusetts home in the hopes that a change in location will help them deal with the recent death of their son Bobby. Strange things start to happen and Anne believes that Bobby has moved with them. But things soon get dangerous and a visit from friends who are more “sensitive” to paranormal happenings confirms that what is in their house isn’t Bobby and isn’t friendly, and the townsfolk want to make sure that the evil residing in the house is appeased by the Sacchettis and won’t venture into town.

We Are Still Here is a great throwback to the style of late ’70s and early ’80s horror filmmaking, specifically that of the Italians and more specifically Lucio Fulci’s House By The Cemetery. We Are Still Here makes numerous references to this particular film through its setting and character names, but it certainly isn’t a rip off as it has plenty of originality along with some good homages to other films along the way. This film is very well written and the direction is certainly more honed and conscious than expected of a second time director. For the most part, the characters all seem like real people and the acting overall is performed wonderfully with a stand-out performance from Larry Fessenden. If I had to nit pick something it would be that occasionally the effects weren’t as strong as they could be. The physical effects looked great but some of the digital augmentation stood out to me, and that always takes me right out of the viewing experience. But this is a minor complaint.

We Are Still Here is a great watch. As a fan of Euro Horror I was ready to be disappointed, but loved every minute of the story as it built to a crazy climax. The film is suitably creepy when it needs to be and in-your-face over-the-top when it peaks, and it all works wonderfully. I believe anyone wanting to watch an interesting and creepy story will enjoy this film. We Are Still Here is available through VOD platforms now, so check it out.

We Are Still Here (2015); Director: Ted Geoghegan; Starring: Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensing, Lisa Marie, and Larry Fessenden

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