Five Questions: An Interview with Clothing Designer Always Starving

Earlier this year, Scott Nelson and Chris Bullock co-founded Always Starving, an artistically designed clothing line that practically oozes style.

Kande KrejciTheir first major creation was a shirt that read, “That Shit Krejci” – a mash-up of Kanye West’s “That Shit Cray” and the Bruins’ ever-so-popular number 46, David Krejčí. From there, the two have continued producing quality, somewhat Rhode Island-themed clothing that is anything but similar to today’s throwaway brands.

Dale J Rappaneau, Jr: With a name as phonetically entertaining as Always Starving, I have to ask, where did it come from? Did it appear in a moment of bewildered brilliance or is there a deeper explanation?

Scott Nelson: We actually went through a lot of other names and logos and none of them really hit home with us. The name began with the phrase “stay hungry, stay foolish,” which I think everyone has heard in the Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement speech (Ed: If you haven’t, go do that right now). He wasn’t the originator of the quote, but that’s where we heard it first. Stay Hungry didn’t quite feel like a brand name and eventually we just came down to Always Starving. It represents us; we’re always starving to discover, create and push forward (also, for burritos).

DJR: How did you and Chris meet?

SN: We’ve known each other for quite a while, so we were friends before for we were working on Always Starving together. Our first shirt was a Kanye West-inspired Bruins tee. That idea came out of boredom, whiskey and avid hockey watching one night.

DJR: In October, you said in an interview that the business is primarily focused on creating “quality t-shirts that have classic style without being too plain.” Will your winter wear follow these same principles?

SN: Yes! We’re currently getting all the materials together for a sweatshirt release. It will involve some sew pieces, so we believe we’ll be heading back to Kreatelier. It will be released sometime in December with a couple other winter pieces. All of the items in collection follow that simple, but interesting mantra. We’re committing to that. We’re hoping to have some sort of release party in Providence … we’ll see.

DJR: Now, I cannot help but ask, is there any worry that the Always Starving name may be seen as supporting the fashion industry’s pressure for people to remain thin?

SN: I would hope not, that definitely isn’t what we’re about. Always Starving has nothing to do with weight; it’s all about continually pursuing and doing whatever it is you’re passionate about. It gets hard to stay hungry, you get worn out and you lose sight of what you want, and Always Starving is about reminding you to keep chasing. We think you should do whatever makes you happy and we think you should be happy with however it is you look. Through everything, just keep going.

DJR: Lastly, what is your best piece of advice for today’s generation of up-and-coming clothing designers?

SN: It’s cliche, but just design what you want to wear. When you worry about making something specifically for someone else, you’ll never execute it right.

For more information, find Always Starving at or email them at

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