The Food Lovers Gift Guide

There’s one in every family, and I’m not talking about that uncle whom everyone claims, “Not it!” when asked about blood relations. I’m talking about the food lover, “the foodie,” the people who lack souvenirs from their travels because they only purchase edible things. These are for those people: stocking stuffers, kitchen crafts and experiential gifts. Bon Appétit!

Stocking Stuffers

Popette of Pendulum Lollipops

2016_xl_peppermint_toffee_with_side__81018-1478887641-220-290Even their website is eye candy. Located in North Providence, these candy creators use only natural, organic and — wherever possible — local ingredients. Their products are gluten-free, nut-free and vegan, and yet come in flavors like Candy Cane Toffee Double Layer Lollipop and Cocoa Caramel Vanilla Bean. They also make dessert toppers, in case your vanilla ice cream is looking drab (

Dave’s Coffee Syrup

This is great for locals and out-of-towners, a “taste of Rhode Island,” if you will. Their website has recipe ideas for more than just coffee milk, including cocktails and BBQ sauce. Personally, I put it on my ice cream. Stores located in Providence and Charlestown (

Anchor Toffee, Sacred Cow Granola, The Backyard Company Apple Butter

I can’t decide! All of the Hope & Main incubated babies have matured into thriving businesses, and from popcorn to pickles, you’ll find something for everyone. Anchor Toffee is a must for all sweet tooths; Sacred Cow Granola is so addicting, I bought it as a gift and ate the whole thing before I could give it away; and The Backyard Company’s Apple Butter is perfect for making deconstructed apple pie (just add graham crackers and vanilla ice cream). Find these items (and more!) at the Meet Your Maker event at Hope and Main in Warren on December 18.

Kitchen Crafts

Sailcloth Bottle Bag

s226264871311496439_p5_i1_w640This is the perfect wrapping for a bottle of wine. These bags are upcycled from sailcloth and nautical-themed. Anchor lovers, rejoice! Corinthian Designs bags and accessories can be ordered online (free shipping) or found in stores across RI. Check the website for details (

Horseshoe Crab Bottle Opener

screenshot2015-09-22at10-26-02amBronzed in red, gold, gunmetal or silver, and handmade by RISD alumni Matt Hall, this is just a sampling of the many Rhode-Island-made trinkets that Stock Culinary Goods in PVD carries. These gifts are sure to come with a story (

Surfboard Cutting Board

15036715_1208297055903527_8716004493596385305_nThat’s right — a surfboard. Or a sailboat. Or a sperm whale. From traditional to thematic, these beautifully crafted cutting boards are combinations of maple, cherry and walnut woods. Also available: rolling pins, spice boxes and wine bottle racks. Plus, you can make special requests for custom-made pieces. (Some items can be found at Curated in Tiverton, or visit Andiamo Woodworking online (

Experiential Gifts

Sprouts Cooking School

These are cooking classes for kids. Lil’ Sprouts (age 5-8), Junior Sprouts (9+), and Mommy and Sprouts (age 3-4). Motif‘s editor did this with her 3-year-old and said the class was fun and perfectly geared toward the age group. Children prepare a recipe each week and enjoy it at the end of class. PS. There’s a Sprouts Winter Camp, Dec 27 – 30, if you want to plan ahead. Browse these classes and more at Hope and Main’s event calendar (

Wine and Paint

dans-placeInstead of the traditional canvas, try your skill painting wine glasses. You’ll get to make two glasses, so you can give one away as a bonus gift! The owner of Cork and Brew Liquors will walk you through all the steps. There are painting locations around RI (from West Greenwich to Bristol). December’s painting theme is, of course, Christmas. Snowmen, penguins, even the Grinch. His heart will grow two sizes with some wine inside (

An Evening with Professor Chef

This is the tricked out adult-version of Sprouts. Two award-winning chefs, Phillip C. Griffin and Malinda A. Coletta, host group lessons in their home (max of six people), or they come to your home and help to create your dream meal (think: “Dinner in Tuscany” or “Mediterranean Cruise”). The group lessons are equally enticing, with offerings such as “Cooking with Julia Child” and “My Greek Fat Greek Dinner,” so … if anyone out there wants to buy me a present, I can think of nothing better. Opa (!

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