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Front BitsHey! Are you judging us? We see you staring. Stupid looky-loo Judgy McJudgerson with your cover-ogling judging. Don’t you know your idioms? Don’t judge a book by its cover! Yeah, that one!

Our covers are not designed for your judgment, but to entice you. To lure you in with a subtle joke, a striking piece of art, a controversial statement. That’s right. Linger. Pick us up. Finger our pages.

Like proud parents, we love all our covers. But like bad parents whose kids simmer with hot resentment till one Christmas when it all explodes in tears and cracked snow globes, we have favorites. And here they are.

We’ve proudly displayed the work of local illustrators and humbly displayed that of internationally known ones. Some of our covers are the product of agenda-sanctioned brainstorming sessions during an editorial meeting, and others are the product of a middle-of-the-night texting session when inspiration hits. The beer can artist literally got into the gutter for us so he could get his sculpture scuffed just so. The education cover caused controversy in our newsroom. This is serious stuff.

So please, don’t judge us by our covers, but appreciate them for the works of art they are. And then pass through their gate to discover enlightenment within our pages.

Our favorite covers of 2018, clockwise from upper left corner: Edel Rodriguez, Theater Award Nominees, August; Mat Larkin, Fall Beer, October; ARTIST, Spring Beer, March; ARTIST, Summer Guide, June; ARTIST, Tattoos, March; Steve Mardo, Comic Con, November; Anthony Russo, Fall Guide, September; Least Wanted, Education, September       

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