Ganja Gifting: Don’t let their holiday dreams go up in smoke

When thinking of your favorite cannabis consumers this holiday season, there are several aspects of ganja gift-giving to keep in mind. First and foremost, it must be emphasized that cannabis needs to be stored properly to maintain its integrity and medicinal efficacy. Secondly, tolerance levels and preferential methods vary widely from person to person. Those things being said, opting for a gift card from your local dispensary or head shop is a way to prevent material degradation and avoid any confusion or mishaps.
If selecting the perfect gift is more your style, there is an endless number of cannabis tools and accessories to choose from. Local head shops are a great place to start, and they typically can cater to any budget. For example, RIGS in Wakefield carries a large array of glass, including several beautiful pieces from local artists. Prices range from chillums under $10 to significantly more costly dab rigs. Jars, grinders, torches, lighters, screens, nails, carb caps and dabbers all make great (and useful) stocking stuffers! Lockable carrying cases are another great gift idea. Companies like Stashlogix make lockable, smell-proof cases that come in different sizes and colors. They are great for travelling as well as around the house. Storing cannabis in this way will help prevent accidental consumption of cannabis products by minors, pets or others, and will keep things organized, clean and safe.
If you want to shop as green as it gets, Kushley is an organic, environmentally friendly New England-based company that offers sprays, candles, soaps and lotions that are wicked healthy for their customers and clean for the environment! Their phenomenal products can be found on their website (, and some of the items they offer can be found at a few local head shops as well as Greenleaf Compassion Center in Portsmouth.
Books are another wonderful gift idea and cannabis literature covers a wide range of topics. You can find books for beginners, books about the various medicinal effects or about its ancient history as a powerful medicine. Useful books on growing, extracting, cooking/baking etc. can be found fairly easily online with some research, or you can check out your favorite local bookstore. As an added bonus, giving someone an informative book has an educational ripple effect that benefits the whole community!
One thing all of these gifts have in common is the implicit support and understanding of cannabis consumption.
Cannabis is often used for health reasons, but because it historically has had a stigma associated with it, it can be difficult for some people to discuss. The simple gesture of giving a gift or even just having a conversation can be very meaningful and greatly appreciated. Ganja gift-giving does not have to be extremely expensive or complex to be beautiful and powerful. Happy hunting!

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