Got Beer? I Am Providence, Newport Craft Beer Fest and Hi, New Neighbor!

The finale of the Narragansett Lovecraft series, I Am Providence, is an Imperial Red Ale that gets its name from the inscription on the tombstone of the famous H.P. Lovecraft.
At this point if you’re a regular reader and don’t know who Lovecraft is, I can’t help you. If you’re new to the name, feel free to check out his work, as the man essentially redefined the horror genre and created a whole new kind of “weird” fiction. If you’re new to beer, or at least good beer, then you’ll have to try the I Am Providence.
Red ale is a style that doesn’t get too much attention in the days of the triple IPA. Occasionally it will get overly hopped, barrel-aged or combined with fruit, but as a style, most brewers seem to aim for more pale or dark brews while neglecting this humble, traditional style.
It’s certainly a malty little number, as most Narragansett beers tend to be, but with a definite crisp hoppiness for balance. And it’s certainly an Imperial, proudly sporting an 8% ABV, which is nothing to sneeze at, especially in the typical ‘Gansett 16 oz. cans. Like its predecessors, this one can be a madness-inducing jaunt into the bizarre folds of the mind, or just a nice strong brew to enjoy on a New England day that starts off with beach weather and ends with a blizzard.
April 30, The Newport Craft Beer Festival lands in downtown Newport on the lawn of the Great Friends Meeting House. This RI beer extravaganza features all of the local, regional and even some national favorites, each bringing some of their best and brightest to bear. Some of these breweries aren’t even selling beer in Rhode Island, so if you’re looking to sample something from the Von Trapp Brewery, but don’t want to drive to Vermont, this is your chance.
The participating breweries are also bringing some test-batch brews and experimental concoctions. You could help decide what the next big trend in beer is!
Sponsored by Pour Judgment and Newport Storm, and featuring the finest fare from the local Newport restaurant scene, this beer festival is a nice, relaxed, outdoor favorite. So relax, kick back and enjoy that salty air and some nice craft beer. After this bizarre winter, we deserve it.
Just in! Narragansett is finally moving in!! Narragansett Brewery will finally have a brewery in Rhode Island! This is fantastic news for the local brewing scene, local tourism and the local job market. They’ve selected a location in Pawtucket, because if they’re going to take the PawSox away from Pawtucket, then Pawtucket will double-down on craft beer. Already home to Bucket, Foolproof, Crooked Current and the newly arrived Isle Brewers Guild, Narragansett will make the fifth brewery in Pawtucket. Not only is this likely to bring a big boom to Pawtucket’s economy, but the ever-growing culture of craft beer and the fiercely local nature of Rhody residents in general could make certain people think twice about trying to relocate a beloved minor-league sports team.

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