Hip-Hop: An Interview with Generation93

I have made it a mission to see as many live local shows as possible, especially new talent, and after intense flyer grabbing and multiple Facebook invites, I attended a good number of shows in June. It is always exciting to see artists — especially new ones — get up on stage and develop their craft. I’m not saying the performances are mind-blowing, but I like to take a mental note of what I saw and heard and then check them out a few months later and see how much they have grown.

Not too long ago, I came across a group of young artists and I was very impressed by their stage presence. After talking to them and seeing them live a few more times, I booked them to perform on a monthly showcase and they pretty much stole the show. I’m pretty sure a saw a swarm of young kids singing their lyrics word for word. I felt it was my duty to introduce you to them, and what better way than with a couple of questions?

Spocka Summa (Motif): What are your names?

GEN 93: We go by Generation 93. Gen 93 for short. Our individual artists names are Romen Bishop and B.Young. Young duo on some teamwork flow.

SS: Where are you from?

Gen93: RI repping. We’re from Providence and Warwick. We spend most of our time in Prov city with the homies.

SS: How do you feel about the local scene?

Gen93: It’s funny — we used to think artists from RI never showed love for each other. Not true at all. The local scene right now is dope. Seeing mad progression around here and a lot of cats are on the rise.

SS: If you guys could collaborate with one artist, who would it be and why?

Gen93: There are so many. Anderson Paak because that dude can do it all, man. Soul, boom bap,  trap, pop. Dude is an inspiration for sure.

SS: Tell me about your recent project.

Gen93: We recently dropped a project called “Space Jams.” We wanted to make songs with more melodies and energy for our shows while still being true to us. Those real life topics. Everyday life shenanigans, dreams, peace and love. Modern day hippies.

SS: When is your next show?

Gen93: Our next show is July 15 at The Met in Pawtucket. Peace to Spocka for setting us up to open for a dope artist named Joey Fatts. We shut down our last show back in May, so this one gonna be wild.

SS: Where can people find you?

Gen93: Find us in the record store buying up your grandma’s old gems. Twitter, Instagram @_gen93. Facebook Generation 93. Peace to Spocka + Motif.

I could tell you all day how cool these kids are but I would rather you see for yourself. The next time they perform will be at The Met in Pawtucket on July 15. I will be hosting and possibly crowd surfing. Follow me on my social media (@ispocka) and hopefully I will see you there. But before you do anything, YouTube search GEN93’s latest video “Run Away.”

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