Hip-Hop: Spotlight on Gibran

Being a longtime resident of Rhode Island has given me opportunities to meet many talented individuals. I learned that not all artist are rappers, singers or in a band; some present in different ways with a new message. Recently I had the opportunity to chat with an artist who is really focused on delivering a positive message and building the community. Recently he has been spreading his message through modeling and event-hosting among other avenues.
Spocka Summa: Where are you from?

Gibran: I’m from Providence in the north end.
SS: How was it growing up in that area?
G: It was quiet in the immediate area I lived in. I was right down the street from the Chad Brown Projects, though. And back in my day as a kid we all knew the background that place had. So I definitely saw gang and street violence at my front door.
SS: What did you want to be growing up?
G: I always wanted to be an actor when I was a kid. Jim Carrey and Robin Williams had a big influence on me. Movies like Ace Ventura and The Mask were the type of acting I was always very interested in. Early on in life I knew I loved making jokes and being funny, so I would always learn those characters and their lines and test myself in school until I could impersonate those actors in their roles.
SS: Is hosting events something you ever envisioned yourself doing?
G: Hosting events was never the goal. It was never even in my thoughts. Though I knew no matter what, I had a dream of being in front of masses of people. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine being able to contribute to music, even if it is just singing along to my favorite music with a crowd. It’s a blessing to have my own lane to contribute to hip-hop. Even though I’m no one important, I’m just grateful for it all.
SS: Why do you enjoy being a part of these events?
G: I couldn’t tell you one specific reason. But it’s the best drug man has ever made. I can be on stage and contribute something positive to whoever cares to listen to me. I get to jump around like a kid and have fun with thousands of people who accept me without knowing me. It’s invigorating. It’s culture, it’s some sort of art form that I can’t explain.
SS: Do you feel like you have an edge because of where you come from or does it make it more difficult? 
G: I’m not sure. I do know that growing up for me and trying to make my way into the real ocean of this industry, it was a very funny joke to say where I was from. Luckily I was always very proud to say I was from Providence. So for me it has always been a blessing to be from here. It allows me to be who I want to be.
SS: When you are on stage you have so much energy. Where does that come from?
G: The energy has always been there. I get a high hearing music I really enjoy. A good DJ and the right music gets everyone in the right mood, and I’m no different. I just love to entertain.  As a kid I would always be the one performing and acting silly in my family. No different from when I was in school. And still no different now as an adult. Life is full circle for me. I just hope it comes off genuine to people and never forced.
SS: If you could build the ultimate line-up for an event to host, who would you choose and why?
G: It would be Lupe Fiasco as the headliner, OUTKAST, 2Pac, The Roots, Common, Chance the Rapper, Jhene Aiko, Childish Gambino, Tyler the Creator, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.
SS: What is the next move for you in regard to hosting or collaborating?
G: My next move is to a television near you. STAY TUNED!

SS: Who or what  inspires you?

G: The youth inspires me. I love seeing what all the new cool kids are up to. What kinda new art they’re into. New art they’re creating. New sounds. Languages. All of my friends who are artists who are coming up in music, art and fashion. Everyone from Providence truly inspires.
SS: What do you want people to think of you when you are no longer around?
G: None of us are perfect, so I hope that even people who have negative interactions with me can at least say that my intentions were always good. I try my best to always treat people with respect, no matter our disagreements.
SS: Do you have anything else you want to mention? Speak freely. 

G: Being my mother’s son will always be my greatest accomplishment.
SS: Where can people find you?

G: Twitter: @modelgibran
Instagram: @GibranPVD
Snapchat: modelgibran
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